Destiny 2 Latest Update Adds New Loot; Makes Destiny 2 Gameplay Slightly Faster

Destiny 2 has just received the long-awaited patch 1.1.4, dubbed the “Go Fast”. The update intends to make Destiny 2 gameplay slightly faster via different speed buffs to jumps, Supers and so on. What’s more, there is also some new unique loot that players will be able to pick up during Strikes,  reduced Exotic repetition and 6v6 Iron Banner. Rumble has also been brought back but in the form of a Weekly Featured Crucible playlist.

In PVE weapons like Pulse Rifles, Hand Cannons, Submachine Guns see an increase in PvE damage and the overall spawn rate of Power Ammo has been made faster and enemies slain will now drop Power Ammo.

There are numerous other changes and bug fixes that Bungie has brought with Destiny 2 so check out the list of alterations down below (full list can be seen, here.) Destiny 2 is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


  • Nightfall strike unique rewards
    – Possible rewards include Legendary weapons and Exotic accessories
    – Drop rates increase in likelihood based on score thresholds
  • Strike repetition reduction
    – Players will no longer see the same strikes back-to-back in strike playlists
  • Challenge Card
    – Increased the Power handicap maximum from 40 to 45
  • Fixed an issue where “Tree of Probabilities” wouldn’t end immediately after Valus Thuun’s death if he was killed very quickly
  • Fixed an issue where players could respawn below the boss fight of “A Garden World”
  • Fixed an issue where vehicles were not rewarding points when destroyed
  • Fixed an issue where Orbs granted points in public areas


  • Exotic repetition reduction
    – Protections were put in place that prevent back-to-back duplicate Exotics from Exotic Engrams
  • Fixed an issue where some emblems were not displaying what statistic they track
  • Prometheus Lens correctly appears in the Exotic weapon collection for players who acquired the item from Xûr without owning Curse of Osiris
  • Reduced interaction time for patrol beacons and activity totems from 3 seconds to 1 second
  • Fixed an issue where applying or previewing a shader on an item would return players to the top page of the shader inventory



Pulse Rifles

  • Increased PvE damage for all Pulse Rifles by 16%
  • Increased rate of fire for adaptive and high impact Pulse Rifles
    – Adaptive: from 360 rpm to 390 rpm (+8.3%)
    – High Impact: from 320 rpm to 340 rpm (+6.3%)
  • Increased base damage for adaptive, high impact, and rapid-fire Pulse Rifles
    – Adaptive: from 14.5 to 16 (+10.3%)
    – High Impact: from 16 to 18 (+12.5%)
    – Rapid-Fire: from 12 to 12.5 (+4.2%)
    – Increased precision multiplier for lightweight Pulse Rifles from 1.5x to 1.6x (+6.7%)
    – Decreased precision multiplier for adaptive Pulse Rifles from 1.55 to 1.475 (-5.8%)
    – Design Note: This keeps precision damage close to where it is now, when you factor in the base damage and rate of fire buffs above. This puts most of the buff into body shots, but in the end, this still increases precision damage overall.

Scout Rifles

  • Increased PvE damage for all Scout Rifles by 15%
  • Increased base damage for high impact Scout Rifles from 37 to 40 (+8.1%)

Hand Cannons

  • Increased PvE damage for all Hand Cannons by 15%
    – Precision Hand Cannons deal 0.15x more precision damage, increasing from 1.5x to 1.6x (+6.6%)
  • Increased hip fire accuracy when using controllers on console and PC by 33%
  • Increased ADS accuracy when using controllers on console and PC by 25%


  • Increased PvE damage for all Sidearms by 15%
  • Increased hip fire accuracy; reduced cone by 20%
  • Increased ADS accuracy; reduced cone by 12%
  • Increased inventory (allowing more reserve ammo to be stored)
  • Increased range falloff start by +1 m
  • Increased ADS movement speed

Submachine Guns

  • Increased PvE damage for all Submachine Guns by 10%
  • Set optics to 1.3x
  • Increased inventory (allowing more reserve ammo to be stored)

Linear Fusion Rifles

  • Increased PvE damage for all Linear Fusion Rifles by 50%
  • Increased aim assist
  • Decreased flinch multiplier


  • Increased PvE damage for all Shotguns by 35%
  • Increased inventory (allowing more reserve ammo to be stored)
  • Increased aim assist on SUROS precision Shotguns

Sniper Rifles

  • Increased PvE damage:
    – By 20% for yellow bar enemies
    – By 40% for red bar enemies
  • Increased precision damage, which now scales with the weapon’s rate of fire
    – Changed from 2.5x for everything to 3.0x at the lowest rate of fire up to 3.5x at the highest rate of fire
  • Increased aim assist
  • Increased inventory (allowing more reserve ammo to be stored)

Grenade Launchers

  • Increased blast radius
    – Drum-Fed Grenade Launchers: +0.5 m
    – One-Shot Grenade Launchers: +1.0 m