Destiny 2: Forsaken – How To Unlock The Dreaming City | Awoken Talisman Quest Guide

To unlock the Dreaming City, the second zone in the Destiny 2: Forsaken expansion, you’ll need to follow some specific steps. Most of them are spelled-out for you in the milestones, but here we’re going to break it down and make sure you know how to complete every step as quickly and easily as possible. There are multiple steps, and if you don’t know how to accomplish them, they can take a long time to finish. Here, we’re going to make it simple.

The Dreaming City is a PL 500+ zone for end-game players to explore after you’ve completed the main campaign. The Raid takes place in this area, and there are plenty of mysteries to explore. From mysterious dead-ends, to strange cats, and all sorts of unique items, the Dreaming City is a fascinating area to poke around, and well-worth the wait. Learn how to break through the barrier and uncover the truth in The Dreaming City — here’s how to unlock the final area in Forsaken.

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How To Unlock The Dreaming City | Awoken Talisman Quest Guide

The Dreaming City is only available after you’ve completed the main Forsaken Campaign. After defeating the Prince and avenging Cayde-6, you’ll be able to start this quest-line. The Dreaming City is recommended for Level 50 players at PL 500+.


Step #1: Getting The Broken Talisman

After fighting the last boss (The Voice of Riven) you’ll automatically port back into the Tower. From here, you’ll need to talk to a few people — Zavala and Ikora, then return to the Spider’s Safehouse in Thieves’ Landing, on the Tangled Shore.

At the Spider’s Safehouse, speak with Spider and Petra Venj. Petra will give you the Broken Awoken Talisman quest item. Talk to Spider again, and you’ll unlock the first steps of this quest.

Step #2: Complete Lost Sectors

To complete the first part of the quest, you need to complete three specific Lost Sectors. The quest item only hints at their locations, but here’s where you need to go:

  • In an Old Corsair hideout: Jetsam of Saturn – Shipyard AWO-43 is in the center of the zone, in a hidden cave outside the main crashed section of the giant ship.
  • In the heart of Spider’s web: Thieves’ Landing – The Empty Tank Lost Sector is located just north of Spider’s Safehouse.
  • In a rare green place: Four-Horn Gulch – Trapper’s Cave is in the center of the zone.

Complete all three Lost Sectors and collect the caches to complete this step. Return to Spider when you’re done and you’ll get another quest — defeat Taken.

Step #3: Defeat Taken

Very simple. You just need to kill a few hundred Taken. There are multiple ways to do this, so you’re free to hunt them down — they’re most commonly located in the EDZ or on Io.

TIP: To complete the “Darkness Absorbed” step quickly, go to Io and land at the landing site in The Rupture. Travel east to find a Lost Sector cave filled with Taken. You can earn 100% easily here — or complete the ‘Forsaken’ DLC Strike in EDZ twice.

If you take the Lost Sector route, it takes about six completions to reach 100%. That doesn’t take very long, and it is very easy to finish solo. After completing the sector, fast-travel to the landing site to reset quickly.

Step #4: Unlocking The Dreaming City

We’re almost done! Go back to Spider and Venj, and you’ll get one final step to recharge the talisman. You need to finish the Public Event in Four-Horn Gulch. Just wait around and the Public Event will pop. All you need to do is defeat the three chieftains — you don’t need to make this into a Heroic Public Event.

Return to Spider and Venj one last time, and you’ll unlock a quest. “A Hum of Starlight” will appear on your map in The Cobble. You need to be PL 500, but this is the last mission required. Complete the story, and you’ll unlock the Dreaming City on your map.

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