Destiny 2: Forsaken – All Region Chests Locations Guide | The Dreaming City

There’s one final set of Region Chests for you to unlock in Destiny 2: Forsaken — and some of these are extremely difficult to find. Much like the Dreaming City itself, these Region Chests are placed in secret areas that aren’t easy to find, and even harder to reach. To help you find them all, we’ll provide detailed instructions — and it helps to have a triple jump, but these are all (apparently) doable with a simple double jump.

The Region Chests are even more important here. You’ll get rare loot, sure, but what’s really important are the weird items. You’ll find potions that give you “Ascendance” so you can see what others cannot, and other strange items that are specifically related to hidden objectives. The Dreaming City is a weird, weird place, and these are the hardest Region Chests to find in the game. Let’s go for a treasure hunt.

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All Region Chests Locations Guide | The Dreaming City

Region Chests are special gold loot chests that appear on your map. Each gold chest can only be collected once, and they give you a free infusion of XP, glimmer, faction items, and a rare piece of loot. The locations are listed below.


Divalian Mists

  • Region Chest #1: Northwest – Go down to the beach mists and stay on the lowest level, moving toward the chest location. There’s a large triangle-shaped cave entrance that leads to this chest.
  • Region Chest #2: Center – Very close to the Public Event, there’s a cave that leads to this chest. Another easy one.
  • Region Chest #3: North – Near the path that leads to Rheasilvia, stop before entering the cavern. Look down — far, far below there is a small alcove with this chest. Carefully drop down so you can land and grab it.
  • Region Chest #4: South – Located far south of the cave passage that takes you to The Strand. When facing the giant cavern mouth, look to the left — there’s a rocky cliffside you can use to climb up and over the opening. Follow the narrow ledges until you reach a high cliff with a Queen’s statue. One of the harder chests, but not the hardest.

The Strand

  • Region Chest #1: Northwest – Found on the northwest cliffs. Climb a tall spire — the path up is on the exterior of the spire. There’s no tricky alternate path you need to take.
  • Region Chest #2: North – In the north-center area, drop down to the beach and you’ll find a cave leading to this chest.
  • Region Chest #3: Southwest – Near the plaza in the southwest quadrant, drop off the cliff into the blue beaches far below. There’s a crevasse that leads to the chest.
  • Region Chest #4: Southeast – Go to Venj’s gazebo in the southeast corner. Climb up and around (and behind) the structure to locate the chest.


  • Region Chest #1: East – The first chest is near the path leading to The Strand. There’s a series of rocky pillar. Jump to the second large pillar and look behind the rocks to grab this chest.
  • Region Chest #2: Northeast – Find the plaza with a nice bridge, and the rocky pillar “island” nearby. Jump to the island and look under the trees to get this chest.
  • Region Chest #3: West (Easy) – Near the Lost Sector entrance, far down into the crevasse, there’s another optional cave with a very easy chest.
  • Region Chest #4: West (Extreme) – This is by far the most difficult chest to reach. It’s on a spire, near the Public Event spawn. To reach it, you need to climb the rocky edges of the spire, jump to a tiny ledge, then double-jump up to a tree, before reaching more thick foliage. Follow the ridge of the foliage until you can double-jump to the spire. Watch the video above for a full example.

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