Destiny 2: Forsaken – 8 Essential Tips To Help You Master Gambit Mode | Beginner’s Guide

Destiny 2: Forsaken adds a surprising new multiplayer game mode that’s half PvE and half PvP — and here we’re going to drop all the tips we’ve picked up so far.

Learning how to master ‘Gambit’ mode is a challenge, because it’s far more complex than anything else in the Crucible. It isn’t just about shooting other Guardians, you’ll also need to protect your zone while taking out an endless onslaught of enemies. The first team to summon and kill a massive boss wins, but competing teams can invade each other, mixing up combat between standard enemies and actual Guardian players.

Naturally, it’s all about teamwork. Whether you’re defending homebase or putting the hurt on your opponents by invading, you’ll want to know how to handle the finer points of ‘Gambits’ and take home some prizes for your hard work. Here’s all the tips, tricks, and strategies we’ve picked up to make your Gambit team stronger.

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#1: Play With A Fireteam And Communicate

Communication is important — why? Because Invaders can be sneaky. If an Invader enters your zone and starts taking out your Guardians with a Sniper Rifle, or roams around the corners of the map, you might not know where they are. You’ll want to take down Invaders ASAP, and communication helps with that. If a teammate dies, they can just tell you where the invader is hiding, and you can wipe them out. It helps to assign rolls too, so everyone can work together toward a common goal, whether that be invading, dealing damage, or grabbing Motes.

#2: Save Roaming Supers For Invasion, Burst Supers For Primevals

There are essentially two types of Supers — “Burst”, or Supers that deal a quick amount of damage with a powerful attack, or “Roaming” — Supers that last, and enhance the Guardian and their allies with buffs. You’ll want to delegate when these Supers are used. Roaming Supers are best saved for invasions. Just getting a quick kill isn’t worth it, you want to stick around and cause havoc. Meanwhile, Burst Supers are great at doing some quick damage on the Primeval.

#3: Assign At Least Two Guardians To Mote Picking

It isn’t enough to just have one Guardian grabbing Motes. You’ll want two players hunting those Motes down and depositing them — why? Because of the Blockers. The more Motes you grab, the bigger the Blockers you’ll send to annoy your opponents. Small / Medium Blockers are worthless. It’s the BIG Blockers you want to summon.


#4: Bank Lots Of Motes All At Once For A Triple Offensive

If you save your Motes and only bank after you’ve collected lots of them, you can unleash a whole lot of hurt on the enemy team. Bank enough motes all in one go, and you can…

  • Send a blocker.
  • Open the Invasion Portal.
  • Send in Guardians to invade.

All at the same time. Your opponents won’t be able to bank thanks to the blocker if you invade at the exact same time, and you can crush the entire team with a Super. Of course, if you’re carrying lots of motes, you’re at risk — don’t get into a fight if you’ve got a lot of motes. Hide and wait for your fireteam to remove any invader threats.

#5: Don’t Invade If Your Opponent Just Summoned Their Primeval

This is a common mistake, but there is no point invading if the enemy just summoned a Primeval. Getting PvP kills during an invasion heals the Primeval, so there’s absolutely no point doing this if the Primeval is still at full health. Wait a little bit, get some DPS on your Primeval, then invade when you’re ready to hit the enemy team. Get kills, heal the enemy Primeval, and don’t waste time. Wait until the Primeval is about 50% health before attacking.

#6: Sleeper Simulant Is An Insane Invader Weapon (Currently)

The Sleeper Simulant is an unstoppable Exotic weapon for invasions. If you don’t want to kill NPCs all day and would rather invade, it’s one of the best weapons to use — the bounce is deadly, and each blast is essentially a one-shot kill.

#7: Snipe The Primeval From Spawn For A Safer Fight

If your team is properly equipped, you can simply hang back near the Spawn and snipe the Primeval from there. Even better, you can watch the portal and plink any invaders that try to enter your zone from a safe distance. Whisper of the Worm is another great Exotic that makes sniping the Primeval a breeze.

#8: Killing The Primeval Fast – Riskrunners & Arcstriders

Riskrunner and Arcstrider are incredibly powerful classes when it comes to pure DPS against the Primeval. If you’re running with Hunters, it isn’t a bad idea to just out-damage your opponents and bring the Primeval down fast. Arcstriders dish out insane damage. The Riskrunner is another powerful subclass that tears into the Primeval’s health reserves mercilessly. Just give these a try.

Those are all the tips we’ve got so far. Got your own strategies? Let us know!

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