Destiny 2: Forsaken – All Region Chests Locations Guide | Tangled Shore

Region Chests are back in Destiny 2: Forsaken — there’s a huge region to explore called the Tangled Shore, and it’s a complex mess of rocks.

There are 18 chests you can find in the Tangled Shore, and each one gives you a load of easy XP, some faction turn-in stuff, and a rare (blue) piece of equipment. When you’re still exploring the zone, it’s an extremely easy way to gain a couple of levels. Just remember you can only collect these chests once, so make sure you do it before you’re max level, or you’ll lose out on the XP prize.

Region Chests are marked on your map, kind of like Lost Sectors. That sounds like it makes them easy to find, but it really doesn’t work that way. It isn’t clear where or how you can access these chests, and often you’ll need to reach secret ledges or hidden chambers to actually grab the chest. That’s why we’re explaining it all in the guide below.

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All Region Chests Locations Guide | Tangled Shore

Region Chests are special gold chests you can only collect once — you’ll find a pile of XP, some faction items you can turn in, and rare gear / weapons. They’re marked on your map, but it isn’t always obvious where to actually find these. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of all the locations we’ve found for the Region Chests in the Tangled Shore.


Thieves’ Landings

  • Region Chest #1: Center – On top of the alien structure. Very easy to find.
  • Region Chest #2: West Edge – On the bridge, above the passage.
  • Region Chest #3: North-Center – Ride the lift up to the Lost Sector entrance near the chest marker. Up top, look under the bridge to find this tricky chest.
  • Region Chest #4: Northeast – On the landing leading to Four Horn Gulch, look for a small alcove on the left, between the buildings.

Four Horn Gulch

  • Region Chest #1: South – Simple. On the southern ridge of the map. To the right as you exit the door from Thieves’ Landing.
  • Region Chest #2: Far-South – Again, just stay on the southern edge and you’ll find this on the corner of the map.
  • Region Chest #3: Center – Find the road that goes under the small natural bridge. In this lower road, there’s a very dark cave that’s easy to miss.
  • Region Chest #4: North – Climb the high cliff on the northern edge of the map to find this chest at the very top.

Jetsam of Saturn

  • Region Chest #1: Southwest – Outside the crashed spaceship, find the lower area populated by Hive. There’s a bridge and a structure with a circular rim around it. Go behind the structure and drop down below the stairs / bridge. There’s a hidden cave that leads to the chest.
  • Region Chest #2: Southern Ship (Interior) – Enter through the southern end of the crashed ship. As you go inside the hall, look for a hole in the left passage. It leads up into a room. Jump through the hole above into another room with the gold chest.
  • Region Chest #3: Southern Ship (Exterior) – Outside the southern end of the ship, climb the twisted metal platforms to the top and you’ll find the chest.
  • Region Chest #4: North – What appears to be on the northern part of the ship, the chest is actually underground. Find a lower area nearby that leads into a cave. Enter the cave,  and you’ll find the chest in an alcove in the back-left corner.

Sorik’s Cut

  • Region Chest #1: South – Inside the massive structure with the spinning turbine, use the ramp to reach the upper level, then cross the dangerous turbine area. Follow the catwalks, and you’ll find a door to another room up a ramp. The room contains a region chest and a lore collectible.
  • Region Chest #2: Southeast – Along the southern cliff of the map, this chest is just on top of a building with orange trim.
  • Region Chest #3: North – At the Red Legion base, stay on the lower level and look under the stairs to find the chest at the map marker.
  • Region Chest #4: Center – Go to the nearby two-story building and enter the basement. The chest is located in the underground room guarded by Red Legion.

The Cobble

  • Region Chest #1: Go to the main section of the Cobble — a large rock guarded by Red Legion. There’s an underground passage you can take that leads to this chest.
  • Region Chest #2: The same underground passage has an alternate path that leads up and away to another large hanging rock. Follow this road to eventually locate a cave with the second gold chest.

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