Destiny 2: Forsaken – How To Use Queensfoil & Find An Ascendant Chest | Dreaming City Secrets Guide

If you’ve been completing Public Events in The Dreaming City, the otherworldly second area included in the Destiny 2: Forsaken DLC, you’ve probably picked up a Tincture of Queensfoil. These odd consumables can be ingested — and doing so gives you the “Ascendance” buff. What does that mean? At first, it appears to do nothing at all.

But, there are places where the Queensfoil is actually useful. In the three optional, hidden locations, you can find Taken Portals. Entering these sends you into an optional area called the Confluence. The Confluence connects all three extended zones — you can easily travel between them, or stop and use the Queensfoil to locate a series of platforms that leads to a very well-hidden Ascendant Chest.

Below, I’ll explain how to find the Confluence, how to get Tinctures of Queensfoil, explain what they do, and how you can use them to reach an easy Ascendant Chest. It just takes a little parkour.

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How To Use Queensfoil & Find An Ascendant Chest | Dreaming City Secrets Guide


The ‘Tincture of Queensfoil’ is a unique item that only appears in the Dreaming City. Using it gives you the ‘Ascendance’ buff, which doesn’t appear to do anything at all. The Tincture of Queensfoil is actually an important item, and if you want to solve some of the strangest puzzles in The Dreaming City, you’ll need to keep a good stock of the stuff.

  • How To Get Tinctures of Queensfoil:
    • Tinctures commonly drop during Public Events or loot chests. You’ll also always get them from Region Chests.
    • You can also purchase Tinctures of Queensfoil. At the end of the Harbinger’s Seclude interior location, you can ride an elevator down. It leads to a Taken Portal, and two skulls in separate rooms. The skulls are Muninn and Huginn, and you can trade Baryon Boughs for items.
      • Trade 25 Baryon Boughs to Muninn to receive a Charge of Light – Tier 2.
      • Trade 50 Baryon Boughs to Huginn to receive a Tincture of Queensfoil.

Now that you have Tinctures of Queensfoil, you can use them from the consumables inventory menu. The ‘Ascendance’ buff does a couple of things — mostly, it makes certain platforms appear in areas around the Dreaming City. It also turns you into a Taken form if you’re wearing the full Reverie Armor set, which can be collected by trading Small Gifts to hidden cat statues around the map.

  • How To Reach A Secret Ascendant Chest:
    • You can access an Ascendant Chest in the Confluence — a unique area that connects all three alternate, extended sections of the Dreaming City map. There a Taken Portals in all three of these areas — entering a portal will send you into the Confluence.
      • The easiest Taken Portal to find is located in the Garden of Ilse, accessible from the passage in the Strand.
    • Once you enter the Confluence, you can easily locate the other portals just by going through the portals in the alternate rooms.
    • Go to the large room in the center of the Confluence, where four rooms meet. This is where you’ll want to use the Tincture of Queensfoil.
    • Circle the room until an invisible platform appears. The platforms look like they’re from the Taken alternate dimension, and glow with black energy. Follow the string of platforms until you reach the top tier — you’ll need to carefully jump and crawl.
    • At the top, you’ll find the Ascendant Chest.

Ascendant Chests are special chests that carry double the loot of a normal chest. There are 10 of these in The Dreaming City, and they’re all this tricky to locate.

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