Destiny 2: Forsaken – How To Use Small Gifts & Secret Cats | Reverie Armor Unlock Guide

While exploring the Dreaming City, the unlockable second zone included in Destiny 2: Forsaken, you might find a strange item called a “Small Gift”. The description doesn’t help much, and if you’re like us, we had absolutely no idea what to do with this thing — until we stumbled into a secret cave and found something important.

The Dreaming City is home to multiple strange cats. These spectral, Taken-ish kitties hide in some seriously hard-to-find locations, and they’ll accept Small Offerings as a gift. When you give the Small Offerings to the cats, they’ll give you special items in return. One of the items you’ll get is the special Reverie Armor set that’s exclusive to the Dreaming City, and might just be required to solve even more of the mythical city’s many mysteries.

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How To Unlock The Secret Reverie Armor | Dreaming City Cats Puzzle Guide

[Work-in-Progress: We’re still hunting Dreaming Cat locations. Check back soon for new updates.]


Dreaming City cats are hidden creatures that will give you special gear if you trade them “Small Gift” items. These items are random drops in the Dreaming City.

  • Divalian Mists 
    • Cat #1: Go to the west cliff near the passage to Rheasilvia. Far down below in the cliffs, you’ll be able to spot a cave entrance. Drop inside and navigate to the end of the cave.
  • The Strand
    • Cat #2: South, near the entrance to the Gardens, climb the rocky cliffs with trees partially up to find a hidden cat.
  • Oracle’s Spire (Story Mission Area)
    • Cat #3: Go to the area connected to the Orrery where you fought the boss to gain an offering. There’s a path to the right in the arena. Follow the bridges until you reach a small island that’s been melted down to blue glass. There’s a crack above, to the left with the cat inside.
    • Cat #4: Enter the Orrery and reach the top level by jumping onto the highest platform. The cat is in the back corner.
  • Rheasilvia 
    • Cat #5: Enter Rheasilvia from the Divalian Mists pass and immediately turn left. There’s a highly visible path along the rock spires you can follow that leads off the main map. Follow it a very long way. At the end of the path, you’ll find a cat at the base of a queen statue.
  • Harbinger’s Seclude
    • Cat #6: At the top of the very large tree, in the indoor passage.
  • Garden of Ilsa
    • Cat #7: On a rocky formation with a tree on top, to the left of the bridge. [Work-in-Progress]

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