Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 5 – Where To Find Rifts & How They Work | Locations Guide

Rifts are mysterious wormholes that are opening up all over the island map in Fortnite: Battle Royal Season 5. At first, we guessed that these rifts in the space-time continuum teleported you around the map — and we were only sort of right. Rifts have a different function that’s arguably a lot more useful.

To help you take advantage of rifts, we’re going to list of the locations we’ve found rifts so far. Like the vehicles, they always appear in the same places — but they don’t always spawn. They’re semi-randomized, so check all the locations listed below to find one and give it a spin. You can pull off plenty of new strategies with rifts, just beware of storms and players with good aim.

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Where To Find Rifts & How They Work | Locations Guide

Rifts are small blue tears in the universe you can find scattered all over the island. Stepping inside one will send you somewhere special, and give you plenty of maneuverability in the sky. Just watch out for the incoming storm!

  • What Do Rifts Do?: Stepping into a rift will launch you into the sky directly above the rift. You’ll teleport and reappear at the same altitude as the Battle Bus. You can skyfall and open your drone / chute near the ground.

It’s incredibly useful for traveling around the map fast, but you can be shot dead while gliding back toward the ground. Try to land in an unpopulated area — you’re a walking target while gliding down slowly. It’s a great way to escape from incoming enemies, or move to a new location on the map without running around in the open. You can also use them to get another angle on an enemy team if they’ve built a giant fort.


Rift Locations Guide

Rifts will sometimes appear in the same spots, but won’t always spawn in these locations. Keep checking the areas marked below — and drop us a comment if there are any new rift locations you’ve found so far.

  • Dusty Divot: On the mountain range west of Dusty Divot.
  • Greasy Grove: Near the Maui Heads.
  • Lucky Landing: East of the Pagoda outside of Lucky Landing. Another will spawn between Lucky Landing and the new desert biome, right where the two biomes meet.
  • Paradise Palms: Northeast of Paradise Palms, near the racetracks.
  • Risky Reels: East of the Risky Reels area.
  • Snobby Shores: Near the Viking ships outside of Snobby Shores.