The Culling 2 Hit A Peak Of Only 2 Players In The Last 24Hrs

Whatever the developers over at Xaviant Games must be feeling right now, I don’t want to know. The Culling 2, the most recent take on the whole-battle Royale craze, has had an absolutely awful launch -the game released on July 10th and has only hit a peak of only 249, with only two players in the last 24 hours and 0 at the time of writing.

What’s more, the game has had considerably negative reviews on Steam, with the page consensus being ‘Very Negative’ (a rare for any Steam game.) Most of the reviews describe the ‘unfinished state’ state of the game as a motivating factor for the low ratings.

The official Twitter account for The Culling 2 sent out a message a couple days ago stating that “difficult discussions about the future of our studio.”

This whole issue takes me back to the Boss Key Studio debacle last year which eventually resulted in the closure of the Studio. While Nexon blamed timing for the game’s downfall, we can’t allow that to be the reason for The Culling 2 – even if PUBG released a year ago. Personally, I think that the Battle Royale craze is far from over – I mean, look at the reception for the announcement for Battle Royale in both Call of Duty and Battlefield V.

The only difference here is that The Culling 2 is an inherently poor game, and gamers won’t stand for half-assed takes on the genre, especially when they are spoiled for choice.