Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 5 – Where To Find The ATK | Golf Cart Locations & Secret Features Guide

There’s a new vehicle in town. Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 5 adds the ridiculous (and ridiculously awesome ATK — or All-Terrain Kart. This armored golf cart is a huge improvement over the Shopping Cart, and can get you around the map even faster. If you want to give one of these sweet rides a spin, we’ve put together all the information available on the ATK right here — where to find the ATK, and what makes it so special.

The ATK isn’t a standard vehicle. It’s actually packed with secret features that we’ll elaborate on below, but one of the best, most obvious features are the extra seats. Yes, there are four seats in the ATK, and you can pack your buddies in. With the ATK, the map feels a whole lot smaller — you can ride around with your friends, hop out, and work together to smash everyone in your way. It’s really great, so keep scrolling to learn about every hidden aspect of Fortnite’s next new vehicle.

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 Where To Find The ATK | Golf Cart Locations & Secret Features Guide

The ATK is kind of a rare vehicle — it only appears in a handful of locations on the map. So far, we’ve only found about seven spawn points. It won’t always be found in these areas, so keep checking if you want to commandeer your own ATK with friends.

  • ATK Locations:
    • Lazy Links: Two ATK can spawn here — one is outside the Tennis Courts, and another will spawn near the lake house.
    • Paradise Palms: Land in the middle of Paradise Palms, and you might find one right in the center of the square. Two more ATK can spawn in the racetrack north of Paradise Palms in the desert biome. Check the garages.
    • Snobby Shores: Two more ATK can spawn in Snobby Shores — one just off the road facing Tilted Towers, and one near the northernmost house in the location.


ATK Special Features

Just finding an ATK isn’t enough. There are some features you might not know about when you start driving.

  • Drift in the ATK to gain a speed boost.
  • The roof can be used like a bounce pad! Jump on it for a huge boost.
  • Work together to increase your ramp-jumping power. Players in the back seats can hold [Back] to lean backwards, then release when you jump, flinging the ATK even further.

There’s more to the ATK than just that. Drop us a comment if you’ve learned any other tiny, notable features all about the ATK.