15 CRAZY Things Fortnite Players Have Done

Every few years it seems that one game launches and completely takes over the gaming industry. The latest being Fortnite as it had quickly acquired a massive fan base and resulted in a number of developers looking to add a battle royale type game mode in their upcoming title release.

Because of the worldwide phenomenon that Fortnite has created, there are a ton of crazy stories that have resulted from the game, slowly making their way online for the world to read. We have compiled some of the craziest Fortnite related stories down below. From addicted athletes to insane victories, there’s no telling just what this game will cause in the future.

#15 Teacher Makes Fortnite Final Exam After Losing Bet

Earlier this year, a chemistry class in an Ohio high school managed to convince their teacher to place a wager. Instead of forcing the class to do a standard chemistry exam, the students plead with the teacher that if they can reach a certain number of retweets then the  upcoming exam would be about Fortnite.

The teacher decided that if the class could get 6,700 retweets then he would toss out the exam in favor for a Fortnite themed test. It wasn’t very long into the challenge that the class managed to exceed over 30,000 retweets.