Monster Hunter: World – How To Catch The Rarest Bird | Bristles For All Guide

There’s a vast bestiary to collect in Monster Hunter: World — and it isn’t just about the big beasts. Sometimes your most valuable finds are the tiny critters you can capture with the wrist-mounted net launcher. We’ve already discussed how to find the rarest fish and the rarest bug, so we’ve finally arrived at the rarest bird of all.

There are actually multiple locations to grab this bristly, weird creature. It’s especially tricky too, because this one runs away the moment you get near. Like the other strange, rare creatures you can snatch with the launcher, you’ll earn an instant 800 research points for capturing it every single time. It is the hardest one to get, so you’ll get the biggest bonus.

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How To Catch The Rarest Bird | Bristles For All Guide

The rarest bird, known as the Bristly Crake, can be found in two notable locations — the Rotten Vale, or the Ancient Forest. In the Ancient Forest, the Bristly Crake spawns in the upper trees, around the branches where the Mosswine appear. That’s a pretty awful location to hunt, though. Instead, we’re going to talk about the much easier spot to find them in the Rotten Vale.

  1. Travel to the Rotten Vale and enter the underground Area 15 from the Central Camp.
  2. Down below in the caverns with the blue glowing water. Go toward the back of the cavern from the area you’ll need to crawl through to enter.
  3. In the back, turn left. There’s a small dead-end cave where a Mosswine spawns.
  4. Rarely, the Bristly Crake will spawn on the back of the Mosswine. If it spawns, chase it into the corner and use your Net Launcher to capture it like any small creature.

If the Bristly Crake doesn’t spawn, leave the area and return to the Central Camp to reset. This is the same cavern where the ‘Living Fossil‘ will spawn, so you can check that location while you’re there. After collecting the Bristly Crake, you’ll earn 800 research points and unlock the ‘Bristles For All‘ achievement or trophy.