Monster Hunter: World – Dragonite Ore Locations | Rare Materials Guide

Dragonite Ore is one of many valuable materials used in crafting armor in Monster Hunter: World. The best armor requires rare types of materials, and farming for this stuff can be a little tricky this game’s increasingly dense maps. If you’re lost and looking for a quick way to get some Dragonite Ore (or Aquacore Ore, or Machalite Ore, or Coral Cryastis, etc) — here’s a great place to visit.

Dragonite Ore is especially valuable for PS4 players. The exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn armor for your Palico requires Dragonite Ore to craft and upgrade. This awesome set of futuristic robo armor is a pretty great prize, and well worth a little bit of farming to acquire.

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Dragonite Ore Locations | Rare Materials Guide

Dragonite Ore is a rare material that can be collected from Mining Outcrops. Mining Outcrops are large black / blue crystals that jut out of the ground. These distinctive resource points can be mined multiple times, and you’ll get random drops from Mining Outcrops each time you use them. Mining Outcrops can only be mined about three times before you’ll need to wait for them to reset.

  1. Dragonite Ore spawns in the Coral Highlands.
    • Coral Highland Ore Deposits will also spawn: Machalite, Aquacore, Coral Cryastis, and other ore types.
  2. Go to the second / upper level of Area 9, on the northeast ledge above the road that connects to Area 5. You’ll find one Mining Outcrop here.
  3. The second Mining Outcrop is locating in Area 8, on the north path that connects to Area 10.
  4. After mining these Mining Outcrops, you’ll only need to wait a few minutes for the materials to respawn and reset, allowing you to continue mining.
  5. Rush between both areas to collect Dragonite Ore. After finding the Mining Outcrops for the first time, they’ll permanently appear on your map.

Now you’ll be able to exploit these ore locations while going on a free-roam expedition. Without a time limit, it’s easy to run between these two resource points, collecting plenty of ore.

Complete bounties between Mining Outcrops to make the most of your time while you wait for the ore to reset. That makes earning tons of ore pretty dang easy.