Monster Hunter: World – How To Catch Prehistoric Fish | Living Fossil Guide

Want a really awesome addition to your aquarium in Monster Hunter: World? The Petricanths is an incredibly rare fish, the rarest in the game, and it only spawns in one singular spot. Getting it will earn you a big pile of research points and a quick achievement / trophy for your trouble. It’s one of those secret catches, just like ‘Rainbow Bright’, that’s almost impossible to find without a guide or a whole lost of patience.

If you don’t feel like fishing every single watering hole in the New World, then here’s where you can find Petricanths, the Living Fossil, with a quick explanation. This is a little later in the game, so you’ll have to complete lots of hunts before you’ll be able to visit the underground pool where the rarest fish lives. He doesn’t even appear every time either, so you might have to reset the area a few times before this neon critter appears in your game. Learn all about it below.

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How To Catch Prehistoric Fish | Living Fossil Guide

The rarest Monster Hunter: World fish can only be found in a very specific body of water. The ‘Living Fossil’ achievement / trophy will pop when (and if) you manage to catch him.

  1. Travel to the Rotten Vale, Zone 15. It’s a very small underground cavern area in the center of the Vale.
  2. In the glowing pool of water, look in the water over the stalagmites for an ugly fish with bioluminescent spots on its body. That’s the ancient prehistoric fish!
  3. Unlike the ‘Rainbow Bright’ bug, the ‘Living Fossil’ is a rare spawn, so it has a random chance of appearing. Leave the Rotten Vale and return to reset the spawns in the area.
  4. Cast and land your bait next to the ancient fish. Better bait types will make attracting it easier.
  5. When the fish goes for your bait, mash [Circle / B] and swing left / right as the prompts appear. This isn’t a normal fish, and requires some extra inputs to successfully capture.

Follow the steps, and you’ll have yourself a valuable Petricanths. This ancient fish is worth 500 research points, and you’ll instantly unlock the ‘Living Fossil’ achievement / trophy when it’s in your inventory.