Dragon Quest 11: How To Get The Best Sword In The Game | Supreme Sword of Light Guide

There’s always an ultimate weapon waiting for you at the end of a JRPG adventure, and Dragon Quest 11 continues the tradition with the Supreme Sword of Light — it’s the most powerful one-handed sword in the game, designed specifically for the main character, and earning it will unlock the “Swordsmith of Light” achievement / trophy.

Actually unlocking this bad boy is a huge endeavor. The trouble is finding all the ingredients, which includes two separate ultimate swords, a bunch of rare materials, and a few wishes granted. Below, we’ll break down every single step you need to take to complete the hunt.

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How To Get The Best Sword In The Game | Supreme Sword of Light Guide

The best sword in the game is a weapon called the ‘Supreme Sword of Light’, and it can only be crafted in the Crucible. You’ll need to complete plenty of steps to actually make it, including earning the recipes and other swords that this weapon requires.

NOTE: There will be some minor spoilers ahead. The Supreme Sword of Light is available to collect before defeating the last boss.

Step #1: Getting the ‘Supreme Sword of Light’ Recipe

To actually acquire the recipe for the best sword, you’ll need to reach Trial Island and complete Distran’s Trials to be awarded a wish. You can select many wishes — including getting a fancy suit. But, you need to ask for a powerful weapon as your wish.

Asking for this wish will reward you with the Sword of Light recipe. There are many, many more parts that are required to get the sword — including one other sword that will transmute into the Sword of Light itself.

Step #2: Getting the Sword of Kings

To create the Supreme Sword of Light, you’ll need and additional sword.

  • How to Get the Sword of Kings: Travel to Hotto and talk to the NPC outside the General Store.
    • Trade Orichalcum to the NPC for 22500 gold.
    • Wait a few days in the inn or at a campsite. After some time passes, return to Hotto and check the shops.
    • The Sword of Kings will now be for sale — it will costs 35000 gold.

Step #3: Getting the Rest of the Materials

Before you can actually forge the item, you’ll need to unlock the Crucible — and before we do that, let’s hunt down the last items required to craft the Sword of Light.

  • Uber Agate of Evolution: Can be acquired in the Luminary’s Trials. Common post-game drop.
  • Spectralite: Can be purchased on Trials Island. Can also be stolen / dropped from the mechs inside the Luminary’s Trials.
  • Orichalcum: Can be found at the lowest floor of The Battleground.
  • Crimsonite: Can be acquired from the Ice Witch in Sniflheim, or as a reward in the Black Cup race in Gallopolis. Complete a Black Cup race once, and all future wins will give you the Crimsonite.
    • The Black Cup races can only be unlocked by wishing for them as your reward on Trials Island.

Step #4: Unlock the Crucible & Forging The Sword of Light

You can’t make this sword in the standard Fun-Sized Forge. Nope, you’ll need to unlock the Crucible to make this weapon.

  • How to Get The Crucible Key:
    1. To unlock the Crucible, start by travelling to The Disciple’s Trials — Eerie Valley and opening the chest at the Phoenix’s Nest.
    2. Next, go to Mount Huji. Travel to the Lower Area — Caldera area and get the other item from the large arena.
    3. Take both items and give them to the NPC Miko (with her dragon son) in Hotto. You’ll be rewarded with the Crucible Key.

The struggle isn’t over yet! Next, you need to acquire a Forging Hammer to actually use the Crucible.

  • How To Get The Forging Hammer:
    • The Forging Hammer can be earned by completing the Platinum Cup in Gallopolis. Like the Dark Cup mentioned above, it can be unlocked with a wish from Trials Island.

Now that you finally have everything you need — all the recipe ingredients, the Crucible Key, and the Forging Hammer — you can finally forge the sword.

Travel to Hotto and enter the Crucible. Use orichalcum, plus all your other ingredients, and forge the weapon.

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