Dragon Quest 11: The Fastest (And Easiest) Ways To Earn XP | Level Farming Guide

Experience Points are the lifeblood of any good JRPG, and if you want to earn it fast in Dragon Quest 11, you’ll want to keep a few handy tricks in mind. The game isn’t designed to be too difficult, and you can easily skip most random battles while travelling around the country-side. Still, there will be points where you’ll want to level-up and enhance your party to get the best skills.

If you’re looking to collect a whole bunch of skill points and unlock the best abilities, you’ll want to farm for enemies and look for metal slimes. Metal slimes are a constant in Dragon Quest 11, you’ll find them just about everywhere you go. There’s a small change they’ll appear in literally every single fight, but there are tricks you can use to defeat them when they do appear. Defeating even a single metal slime will usually earn everyone in your party a level.

There are more tricks to earning XP, and I’m going to share what I’ve learned below.

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XP Farming Guide | Tips & Tricks


The best way to earn XP if to farm Metal Slimes. It’s just that simple — too bad Metal Slimes are incredibly rare. They’re not just rare, they’re also really hard to kill. The trick isn’t necessarily finding Metal Slimes. It’s all about actually defeating them.

First, let’s go into some simple XP Farming techniques. Theses can be used at any point in the game, and they make life really easy.

  • Basic XP Farming:
    • Go to the highest level location you can reach that has a bed or a campsite.
    • At the beginning of a battle, set your Tactics to auto-play and order them to go “all-out” — they don’t need to fight wisely hear. It’s all about killing enemies as quickly as possible.
    • Run around getting into fights. You can use the crossbow to lure running enemies to you.
    • Let the fight auto-complete with your AI-driven party.
    • When you’re running low on MP, just run back to the nearest bed / campsite to recharge.

While doing some basic XP farming, you’ll also run into rare enemies called Metal Slimes. Liquid Metal Slimes and Metal Slime Riders unfortunately don’t count.

Metal Slimes (and Vicious Metal Slimes) are the best creatures to hunt. You’ll usually see 2-3 with a monster in a fight, and they appear totally at random. They’ll usually retreat quickly, and they only take 1 HP of damage per hit.

  • How To Improve Your Chances & Destroy Metal Slimes:
    • To destroy Metal Slimes, you’ll want to use attacks that hit multiple times. Any special ability that attacks the same enemy (or groups) multiple times are very useful.
      • Double-handed weapons can attack the same enemy twice, effectively doubling your chances.
    • Increase your critical chance. Use abilities that enhance your critical chance, or Pep Up.
      • You can unlock a Luminary ability to Pep Up the main character whenever.
      • Rab’s Ring of Ruin increases critical chance for all spells.
      • Rab’s Pep Ability — The Dirge of Dundrasil — can put even Metal Slimes to sleep.
      • Zam is a useful spell that hits a single enemy multiple times.

Some characters have attacks that specifically target Metal enemies. Erik and Hendrik both have abilities that target metal enemies. Erik is especially good — equip two whips, and unleash his Metal-damaging special ability to easily wipe out most metal enemies.

  • Hardy Hands are the best enemies to hunt in Part 2. Travel to the Gallopolis region to encounter these enemies in random battles.

Any metallic enemy counts — even if they aren’t a Metal Slime. Hardy Hands are also great enemies to destroy that will earn you tens-of-thousands of XP.