Dragon Quest 11: How To Gain 50,000+ XP In A Single Battle | Metal Slime XP Farming Guide

When you reach the post-game in Dragon Quest 11, you’ll need to grind for levels. It’s practically a requirement. To make the long slog a whole lot faster, you can try farming Metal Slimes. These rare creatures might seem impossibly rare — and when they do show-up, they just run away.

Here’s the thing; it’s totally possible to farm Metal Slimes, and you’ll easily earn 50,000+ XP in a single fight. That’s about 5 Levels from a single fight. If you’ve hit Level 70+, that number jumps even higher. You can earn up to 8 Levels from a single fight.

This method is truly insane. If you prepare, it’s possible to pull off. There’s a lot of requirements, though. First, you’ll need to rebuild Cobblestone or collect a ton of tokens from the Octagonia casino. That these locations, you can purchase Pep Pop or Pep Pip — items that instantly give your characters Peps. I recommend Pep Pop, as it gives Pep to your entire team. It costs a hefty 200,000 coins, but the cost is worth it.

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How To Gain 50,000+ XP In A Single Battle | Metal Slime XP Farming Guide


To earn huge amounts of XP in the end-game, you’ll need to unlock two specific Pep powers. You’ll also need Pep items (Pep Pop or Pep Pip) — this method takes a lot of preparation, but can instantly earn your entire party 5-8 Levels from a single battle.

  • Metal Slime Farming Requirements:
    • Haulellujah (Pep Power — Hero, Erik, Jade — Multiplies XP earned at the end of battle.)
    • Pep Pop (Item sold in Derk’s Shop in repaired Cobblestone. Costs 200,000 coins.)
    • Electro Light (Pep Power — Hero, Sylvando, Jade — Summons Metal Slimes.)
    • Dirge of Dundrasil (Pep Power — Rab — Puts enemies to sleep. Including Metal Slimes.)
    • Critical Claim (Erik ability — 100% Critical Hit on an enemy.)

If you have those five Pep Powers, items, and abilities, you’ll be able to pull this ability off. You’ll only have all of these abilities very late in the game, so this is only useful for grinding in Part 3. Now, let’s get into the exact steps you need to take to pull this off.

  • Step-by-Step | Metal Slime Farming Trick
    1. Get everyone Pep’d Up. Hero, Erik, Jade, Sylvando, and Rab must be Pep’d Up. Enter any random battle and defend or just fight until they get Pep’d. Save Pep by swapping the character out of the party.
      • Unlock the Pep Up ability for your Hero. That way, you can easily Pep Up at any time.
    2. Save the game. If you’re unlucky, things won’t work out. Always save before wasting your valuable Pep or Pep items.
    3. Fight any enemy. Use Haulellujah (Hero, Erik, Jade) to add the XP multiplier.
    4. Defend and don’t kill the enemies in the battle. Get Pep’d Up — use Pep Pop to Pep Up everyone in your party.
      • At this point, you’ll want to Pep Up Hero, Sylvando, Jade, and Rab.
    5. Use Electro Light (Hero, Sylvando, Jade) to summon Metal Slimes.
      • If Hero is Level 60+: x1 Vicious Liquid Metal Slimes, x2 Vicious Metal Slimes
      • If Hero is Level 70+: x1 Vicious Metal King Slime
    6. Make sure Rab is in your party before using Electro Light. They need to be ready on your turn to use Dirge of Dundrasil. This should (hopefully) put the Metal Slimes to sleep.
    7. While on Rab’s turn, swap Erik into your party. When the Metal Slimes are asleep, use Critical Claim on each Metal Slime, one-at-a-time.
      • Don’t risk attacking them with anyone else if they’re asleep.
      • If they’re awake, use multi-hit special abilities for best chances.
    8. Defeat the Metal Slimes (with XP multiplier) to earn insane, huge XP rewards.

Many, many things can go wrong in this method. First, enemies can flee while you’re trying to fight them. Second, Electro Light can fail and summon standard tough enemies instead of Metal Slimes. If this happens, immediately quit and reload your game. Third, Metal Slimes can retreat before you kill them. If that happens, quit and reload. Dirge of Dundrasil can fail, too — again, quit and reload.

If everything works out, you should manage to defeat the Metal Slimes. Critical Claim (with Divide added) will instakill standard Metal Slimes. The King Metal Slimes can survive one hit, so either Divide or lower its defenses.

If you can pull this off, you’ll earn 5-8 Levels from a single battle. It’s easily the best, fastest way to earn XP in the post-game, and you deserve it to yourself to give this method a try. It feels like cheating.