Valkyria Chronicles 4: How To Unlock Squad Stories & Special Recruits | Secrets Guide

Each soldier is unique in Valkyria Chronicles 4, and if you use specific soldiers enough, you can unlock bonus chapters with short playable stories. There are many “Squad Stories” to unlock, you just need to play as specific sets of characters to make them appear. You can also earn special recruits that only appear under unique circumstances. Here, I’m going to explain how to unlock all the Squad Stories, and also how to get special recruits.

Squad Stories (and Special Recruits) are one of the only “extra” things you can find or unlock in Valkyria Chronicles 4. If you don’t use the same units often, you might miss the Squad Stories entirely. Each one gives a little more depth to your recruits, and can unlock bonus potentials when you complete them. There are plenty of these Squad Stories, and you can even unlock them for Special Recruits or bonus characters you’ll find in the post-game.

The list of Squad Stories, and what characters you need to unlock them, was compiled by Steam User Rhomeo.

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How To Unlock Squad Stories & Special Recruits | Secrets Guide


Squad Stories are special chapters you can unlock by frequently using characters in battle. To unlock a Squad Story, you’ll need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Squad Stories involve multiple characters. All two or three characters must be alive and available to unlock a squad story.
  • You don’t need to frequently use all the characters required for a squad story. You only need to use one.
  • To unlock a character’s squad story, use them often — about 20 CP uses in campaign missions, or 40 CP uses in skirmish missions total.

And that’s it! Now, let’s cover all the Squad Stories you can unlock — here are the characters you’ll need to use to unlock them.

Squad Stories List:

  • A Prayer for the Broken (Chapter 3)
    • Nico, Rosetta, Godwin
  • Gambler’s Ruin (Chapter 3)
    • Connor, Jester, Teresa
  • Honor, Pride and Regret (Chapter 3)
    • Rebecca, Fleuret, Mabel (Special Recruit)
  • Like Old Times (Chapter 3)
    • Curtis, Laurent, Eileen (Special Recruit)
  • Mischief Makers (Chapter 3)
    • Emmy, Viola, Simon (Special Recruit)
  • Girl in the Iron Mask (Chapter 4)
    • Ferrier, Jean, Stanley
  • Treading New Ground (Chapter 4)
    • Dan, Aulard
  • Unfortunate Souls (Chapter 5)
    • Jimmy, Lily, Odin
  • Worlds Apart (Chapter 5)
    • Vancey, Zaiga, Gertrude (Special)
  • All the Single Ladies (Chapter 6)
    • Rita, Millenia, Brittany
  • Legacies Left (Chapter 8)
    • Ryan, Keigel, Ronald
  • The Price of Skill (Chapter 8)
    • Leonhardt, Neige, Aladdin
  • Love and Logic (Chapter 9)
    • Hanna, Jascha, Aoife
  • To Live Unbound (Chapter 9)
    • Azusa, Norid, Scott
  • A Chivalrous Heart (Post-Game)
    • Christel, Minerva
  • Reluctant Solitude (Post-Game)
    • Louffe, Stahlschrott
  • Soul of the Navy (Post-Game)
    • Andre, Brian, Sergio

Special Recruits List

You can also unlock unique Special Recruits by fulfilling certain requirements. Here’s how to unlock all the special recruits in Valkyria Chronicles 4.

  • Eileen (Engineer): Curtis goes into Critical, then is rescued.
  • Gertrude (Lancer): Save 1,000,000 DCT.
  • Mabel (Sniper): Complete 3 Squad Stories.
  • Simon (Shocktrooper): Earn 5 Decorations.
  • Stahlschrott (Grenadier): Complete the “Into The Woods” post-game chapter.
  • Christel (Scout): Use the Cenotaph in the post-game.
  • Andre (Engineer): Complete the “Through The Fire” post-game chapter.
  • Brian (Scout): Complete the “Through The Fire” post-game chapter.
  • Louffe (Grenadier): Complete the “Through The Fire” post-game chapter.
  • Sergio (Lancer): Complete the “Through The Fire” post-game chapter.

And that’s it! All the special recruits and squad stories are accounted for. If you want to truly unlock everything, you’ll need to earn (and play) these optional chapters.