Octopath Traveler: The Best Character / Secret Job Combos | Ultimate Team Guide

So, you’ve finally done it — you’ve reached the post-game of Octopath Traveler. It’s hard to define a true “Post-Game” period for everyone in Octopath, but for me, that’s everything that comes after completing the main storyline you selected at the start of the game — the storyline for your main character. When you’ve finished that, you’ll be about level 45-50. That’s when it’s time to start digging into the really good stuff.

When you’ve completed your first last boss battle, you’ll be able to go back and complete all the other stories in the game. You’ll also be able to take on super-bosses in optional dungeons, or tackle the super-ultra secret final boss. If you’re planning on doing that, it’s probably a good idea to start unlocking the secret jobs. There are four secret jobs, and they’re the most powerful jobs in the game — you can find locations in the guide below, because here we’re just going to cover exactly why these jobs are so powerful, and which characters are most effective at these jobs.

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The Best Character / Secret Job Combos | Ultimate Team Guide

There are four secret jobs — Warmaster, Starseer, Runelord and Sorcerer. They’re located in optional areas that you can only access after completing your main story. You’ll see them on the map — they’re similar to the regular Job Shrine.

When you enter a secret job shrine, you’ll have to battle a Level 50 boss to unlock the job. They’re tough, but it’s worth unlocking these jobs as early as possible. They’re all incredibly powerful.

Here’s a quick rundown of each secret job.

  • Warmaster
    • Location: North Riverford Traverse, West of Riverford
    • Uses all 6 weapons. Allows you to hit all foes with all weapon types.
    • Divine ability attacks all foes with all six weapons.
    • Support Skills augment physical defense and attack, and allow you to earn more XP.
  • Starseer
    • Location: West of Wispermill
    • Powerful support class. Has Wind / Light / Dark elemental attacks, and AOE healing.
    • Has AOE regen healing, and can allow characters to earn an extra +2 BP per turn.
    • Divine ability attacks all foes with elemental damage. Gets stronger the more BP your party has saved.
    • Support Skills allow you to start with +1 BP at the start of battle, earn more JP, and boost damage dealt by skills when charged with BP.
  • Runelord
    • Location: West Everhold Pass, South of Everhold
    • Gives access to all elemental attacks. Combination physical fighter and magic-user.
    • Has self-buff abilities that follow-up standard attacks with a magic attack of any chosen element. All six elements are present.
      • Has the ‘Transfer Rune’ skill. Abilities that normally only effect one party member will affect all party members. Incredibly useful for Merchant abilities like Share BP, or Rest.
    • Divine ability attacks a single foe with all six types of elemental damage.
    • Support Skills allow you to swap Elem. and Phys. damage stats, gain SP when attacked, increase Elem. and Phys. attack strength when debuffed.
  • Sorcerer
    • Location: East Duskbarrow Trail, East of Duskbarrow
    • An enhanced Scholar. This job is about AOE magic damage with all six elements. Instead of damaging foes twice, all skills damage foes three times.
    • Can also debuff enemies and lower their elemental defense.
    • Divine ability buffs an ally so all elemental attacks performed will do critical damage for three turns.
    • Support Skills increase damage when hitting weak points, increase SP cost for higher damage, and increase damage dealt by elemental attacks.

See why secret jobs are so insanely powerful? Now, let’s talk about creating the ultimate team. If you pair certain characters with these jobs, you can defeat even the toughest bosses in a single hit.


How To Create The Ultimate Party

To create the ultimate party, you’ll want to pair certain secret jobs with specific characters — for example, the Runelord can be incredibly powerful when paired with Tressa the Merchant. Why? Because she has the ‘Rest’ and ‘Share BP’ skills. As a Runelord, you can use the Transfer Rune skill, which turns single-target buffs into AOE buffs. ‘Rest’ heals, and removes all status effects — combined with Transfer Rune, and it’s the most powerful healing skill in the game. Or, with Share BP, your entire party will get 1, 2, 3 or 4 BP when you use Share BP.

Get the idea? Let’s break down my picks for each of the four jobs, and why they’re great. Naturally, these secret jobs are so powerful, you can easily create a party that’s also incredibly powerful. Really, anything can work as long as you think about the incredible combos you can pull off with some of these new skills.

  • Best Character / Secret Job Combos:
    • Warmaster: H’annit, Olberic, Alfyn
    • Starseer: Cyrus, Ophilia
    • Runelord: Tressa
    • Sorcerer: Primrose, Ophilia

These are some of the best combos, but let me explain one of the truly ultimate combos you can create. The following group can, conceivably, dish out 599,995 damage in a single turn. That will wipe out almost any boss encounter in a single turn. This completely insane team was first suggested by u/thanderhop on Reddit. Here’s how to set them up.

[NOTE: To do more than 9,999 damage, you MUST equip the Sorcerer with ‘Surpassing Power‘.]

  • Ultimate Secret Job Team:
    • Warmaster: Alfyn
    • Starseer: Cyrus
    • Runelord: Ophilia
    • Sorcerer: Primrose

The goal of this team is to buff the Sorcerer and debuff your foe. Here’s how you do insane damage.

  1. Equip ‘Surpassing Power’ onto your Sorcerer. ‘Persistance’ will also help to increase the amount of turns your buffs / debuffs last.
  2. Lower your foe’s Guard to 1, so you can break them when you are ready.
  3. Use ‘Peacock Strut’ to buff Elem. Atk on your Sorcerer with your Dancer / Primrose.
  4. Use ‘Elemental Break’ to debuff your foe’s Elem. Def with your Sorcerer.
  5. Use ‘Dreisang’s Spell’ Divine from your Sorcerer to your Sorcerer, making all Elem. Atks critical.
  6. Use ‘Alephan’s Enlightenment’ Divine to on your Sorcerer to focus Elem. AOE attacks and make them stronger.
  7. Use ‘Aelfric’s Auspices’ Divine on your Sorcerer so all skills will trigger twice.
  8. Donate BP with your Merchant — you’ll need it for all the divine skills being used.
  9. When all effects are active, use any of your Sorcerer’s Elem. Atk skills that attack three times. Any will work, but weaknesses are better.

Combine all those Divine Skills, Buffs, and Debuffs, and you’re looking at a truly insane amount of damage. Even the hardest bosses can be killed in a single attack when you’re this powerful. Give it a try, and let us know how it worked out in the comments section below.