La-Mulana 2: How To Unlock Hard Mode | Secrets Guide

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Nothing is easy in La-Mulana 2 — and that includes playing the game on a harder difficulty level. The massive metroidvania La-Mulana 2 is full of weird puzzles you’ll have to figure out yourself, and it’s mystifying if you’re new to the genre. There are traps and tricks around every corner, and you can even accidentally unlock Hard Mode. Consider this both a guide and a warning for newbie players.

If you’re accustomed to hellish difficulties, it might be in your best interest to start straight off on hard mode. La-Mulana 2 is designed to be just a touch more accessible than the sometimes-insane challenge of the first game. In the original, you could essentially screw yourself if you didn’t solve certain puzzles correctly, blocking off certain paths forever, or even losing important items that you’d never be able to get again. The remake softened the difficulty spikes, but all of these games can still be a perplexing mind-trip if you’re used to the simpler puzzles of most standard metroidvania games. 

Just remember — when a stone tablet tells you not to read it more than once, it really means it.

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How To Unlock Hard Mode | Secrets Guide


[WARNING: Hard Mode cannot be reversed! So you’ll need to restart the game if you accidentally enable it.]

One of the first secrets in the game is in the Lu-Mulana ruins area — essentially, a tutorial that’s perfectly playable for new players. You’ll re-explore the destroyed ruins, which have been transformed into a tourist trap by the local village elder Xelpud. Now, it’s the first location you’ll visit — and where you can find a tablet that unlock the harder difficulty level.

  • At the start of the game, you’ll quickly be able to access a former location from the first game — the Mausoleum of the Giants.
  • While exploring this area, look for a breakable block on the bottom floor of a room filled with scaffolding.
  • The floor will break and reveal some tablets you can read. Check them out and you’ll find a warning in red text.
  • Read the tablet only once, and you’ll be warned — read it twice, and you’ll unlock the harder difficulty.

This is actually a reference to the La-Mulana remake, which added its own harder difficulty tablet. The tablet was also located in the Mausoleum of the Giants. It’s essentially the same thing, so returning veterans will (probably) catch on after reading the hidden tablet’s text. If you’re new to the game, best to stay on the standard difficulty. It’s still pretty dang hard.