La-Mulana 2: All Mantra Locations & Second Meanings | Locations Guide

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If you want to make it far in La-Mulana 2, you’re going to need to learn mantras. Mantras are a new mechanic — allowing you to speak words and solve puzzles. There are 10 “words” (20 if you count the second meanings) in total, and lots of puzzles in the mid-game require these mantras. Speaking the right word, or even a series of words, is the only way to progress once you’ve explored deep into the ruins of Eg-Lana.

We’ve been struggling through La-Mulana 2 for dozens of hours already, and one of the trickiest parts of La-Mulana 2 is just realizing what puzzles you can solve, and which ones you can’t. Sometimes it helps just know where the mantras are, so you don’t exhaust yourself trying to solve puzzles you can’t even complete yet. It’s so, so easy to get stuck. So let’s learn a little bit about mantras in the locations guide below. Here, we’ll show you how to “incant” mantras, and where to find all 10, including their hidden second meanings.

Putting together this guide, I was able to find lots of helpful hints on the La-Mulana 2 reddit — especially u/Blank_1’s mantras guide. Check it out if you want your information safely spoilered.

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All Mantra Locations & Second Meanings | Locations Guide

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Mantras as special words you can incant to solve puzzles in La-Mulana 2. By further researching the 10 mantras, you can also discover a second, secret meaning to all 10 mantras. Below, I’ll list all the second meanings that have been discovered by the community, and where to find all the mantras.

  • Snapshots App: Required to record mantras in the Eg-Lana ruins. The Snapshots app allows you to scan the room you’re in and collect a mantra. Found in Annwfn,
    • Only available after getting the Rolling Shuriken in Annwfn. Roll it through the blue laser, defeat the sub-boss, and place the weight to make the sub-boss appear. The Snapshots app is sold in a store past the sub-boss.
  • Mantra App: Collect the Mantra app in the Roots of Yggdrasil with the Snapshots app to collect the Mantra app. This allows you to save and record all future mantras. Locating in the room with the spinning platform.
  • Djed Pillar: Required to speak (Incant) mantras. Get the Djed Pillar by defeating the guardian boss in Annwfn.

Once you have all three components, you can start using mantras. For the rest of the guide, let’s cover where you can find all 10 mantras, and their alternate uses / second meanings. The second meanings are revealed on special tablets, but if you memorize the second meanings, you don’t need to find these.

  • Mantra #1: Heaven
    • 2nd Meaning: Roof
    • Location: Divine Fortress – In the room with Odin.
  • Mantra #2: Earth
    • 2nd Meaning: Road
    • Location: Annwfn – In the room with the Shrine Maiden.
  • Mantra #3: Sun
    • 2nd Meaning: Eternity
    • Location: The Cavern – In the room to the right of the Immortal Battlefield entrance.
  • Mantra #4: Moon
    • 2nd Meaning: Missing
    • Location: Immortal Battlefield – Found at the Moon Altar — enter through the Icefire Treetop, work to the right side of the map, then take the ladder up.
  • Mantra #5: Sea
    • 2nd Meaning: Wall
    • Location: Shrine of the Frost Giants – Found at the Sea Altar.
  • Mantra #6: Fire
    • 2nd Meaning: Tremor
    • Location: Valhalla – Found at the Fire Altar.
  • Mantra #7: Wind
    • 2nd Meaning: Scream
    • Location: Ancient Chaos – Found at the Ziggurat of Destiny.
  • Mantra #8: Mother
    • 2nd Meaning: Wish
    • Location: Underworld – Found in the room before reaching Garm.
  • Mantra #9: Child
    • 2nd Meaning: Howl
    • Location: Inferno Cavern – Near the village.
  • Mantra #10: Night
    • 2nd Meaning: End
    • Location: Nebiru – In the first room of Nebiru.

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