La-Mulana 2 Now Up On Kickstarter

Playism has just revealed that they are launching a new Kickstarter for La-Mulana 2, the sequel to the cult platformer hit by Japanese indie NIGORO.

La-Mulana 2 is set five years after the original. Lemeza Kosugi found the source of all civilization and was able to escape as the ruins collapsed. After the truth has been revealed to the world, however, monsters reappear to threaten the world. There is now a new set of ruins, Eg-Lana, to explore and uncover.

The game is in beta and currently has a midway 8-bit/16-bit look (strikingly similar to Amiga if you ask me). There are several playable characters, and a considerably expanded playfield, made to fill out 16×9 screens. Furthermore, dungeons have been expanded in terms of breadth and sheer number. Newcomers will find 1st time plays to take 20 to 30 hours.

In brief, NIGORO explains that they felt the desire to offer more to players after their last iteration of the original La-Mulana. If you remember, they went so far as to remake the game, upgrading its graphics from 8-bit to 16-bit, and managed to become one of the first Japanese games to come up on Steam. Now, expectations, and their own ambition, has grown, and so has the budget needed to realize it.

The project is aiming for a minimum of $ 200,000, with goals moving up to as much as $ 2,700,000. At the $ 1,150,000 to $ 2,350,000 range, they will be able to port it to consoles, although the actual consoles it goes to is up for negotiation.  If all goes according to plan, NIGORO and Playism will release La-Mulana 2 December 2015, both DRM free and on Steam.