La-Mulana 2: All 10 Sacred Orb Locations | Health Upgrades Guide

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Sacred Orbs increase your maximum health in La-Mulana 2, and you can find up to nine of these orbs — find all ten and you’ll completely max-out your health bar, which is pretty useful when you start fighting the hard mid-game and late-game Guardians. We don’t need to explain why having more HP is a good thing, and La-Mulana 2 can get brutally difficult very quickly, even if you’re just dealing with sub-bosses. Here’s where to get all the orbs.

Most orbs are pretty easy to find, but there’s so much stuff in La-Mulana 2, it’s really, really easy to overlook one or two. One of them is especially hidden in the very first area of the game. Mostly, you’ll just need to reach basic areas, and use basic treasures and tools you’ll naturally find while progressing through the game.

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All 9 Sacred Orb Locations | Health Upgrades Guide

Sacred Orbs are items that increase your maximum HP when collected. There are nine of these orbs in total, and finding them all will complete your health bar.

  • Sacred Orb #1: Roots of Yggdrasil – From the entrance, go right then down. Step on the secret button (to the left of the spikes) to make the treasure chest unlock.
  • Sacred Orb #2: Divine Fortress – Simply place 5 weights on the pedestals to unlock the blue chest.
  • Sacred Orb #3: Immortal Battlefield – In the lower areas, you need to flood the bottom floor with water, then use the 2nd Sigil (from the Shrine of the Frost Giants) and break the sigil in the flooded waterway room to unlock the chest.
  • Sacred Orb #4: Gate of the Dead – Enter the two Crystal Skull door in the Immortal Battlefield to enter the Gate of the Dead. Reach the room with the upside-down chest and a single weight pedestal. Place the weight and go through the door to spin the room around, allowing you to access the chest.
  • Sacred Orb #5: Icefire Treetop – You need the Grapple Claw and the Anchor to reach this. Enter the Icefire Treetop through the first entrance, then grapple onto the ice pillars to go right. Drop down in the right room, and you’ll find a pool of water with bubbles. The anchor will drop you to the bottom. Place the weight and walk through the spikes to get the chest.
  • Sacred Orb #6: Takamagahara Shrine – You can enter the Takamagahara Shrine with the Grapple Claw and the 2nd Sigil — the entrance is in the Immortal Battlefield. Ride the lift down into the room with the “Believe” tablet. Place the weight on the pedestal, but do not move! Stand still and go through the 3 Crystal Skull door to reach the shrine. Go down from the entrance to find a room with a blue chest and a single weight pedestal. Stand still again after placing the weight to avoid the trap.
  • Sacred Orb #7: Shrine of the Frost Giants – In the sub-boss room at the top of the double-lifts, check the left wall past the pillar for a secret, breakable wall. Ride the lift up, and you’ll enter a room with three chests. Use the Flare Gun to hit the switch next to the evil eye. Only the center chest is good — the other two are mimics that attack you.
  • Sacred Orb #8: Village of Departure – After acquiring the feather, you can climb the path above the statue in the Village of Departure. Keep climbing the mountain, then drop down to find an orb in a pool of water.
  • Sacred Orb #9: Annwfn – Reach the room with the green sigil in the top-left corner. Get the third sigil from the Icefire Treetops, then break the green sigil in Annwfn to unlock the chest below it.
  • Sacred Orb #10: Heaven’s Labyrinth – In a room with a single weight and a chest in the top-left corner. To reach the room in the Labyrinth, use the Heaven mantra in the Save Room to rotate the area, allowing you to access rooms you couldn’t reach before.