La-Mulana 2: How To Get The Double-Jump Feather Early | Treasure Guide

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Every Metroidvania needs a mobility upgrades, and in La-Mulana 2 that’s the double-jump feather. This tricky feather is hard to get in the best of circumstances, but if you’re looking to grab it way earlier in the game than intended, all you have to do is time your jump just right, and take a hit from a strategically placed enemy. Finally, damage blowback can actually help you.

This is a sequence-breaking method that we stumbled on purely by accident. You can get the double-jump feather before getting the Mjolnir, and that makes your early-ish adventures a whole lot easier. Who doesn’t like jumping twice? We’ll also explain how to solve the standard puzzle, but mostly this is about getting the feather way earlier than intended.

Knowing the kind of crazy people that made La-Mulana 2, maybe this method was absolutely intended. They’ve thought of just about everything.

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How To Get The Double-Jump Feather Early | Treasure Guide


The Feather gives you the ability to Double-Jump, which is incredibly useful as the areas get more and more treacherous. The Feather is located in the Dark Lord’s Mausoleum, and it’s accessible from as early as Valhalla.

  • Recommended Items:
    • Grapple Claw: Makes it easier to time your jump. Not really required, but helpful.
    • Sacred Orbs: A little extra health helps you stay alive. With the claw, it should be easier to avoid taking too much damage.
    • Beherit: If you haven’t accessed the Dark Lord’s Mausoleum, you can use the Beherit to reach the area from Valhalla through the Corridors of Blood.
      • The Beherit can be collected after defeating the Guardian of Valhalla. Go back and talk to Alsedana in the tent in the starting village.
      • The Beherit can change the layout of the Corridors of Blood.

If you want to start from the earlier (probably) possible area, you’ll need to start from Valhalla. Enter Valhalla through the Divine Fortress door near the two dwarf brothers. Find the Corridor of Blood (in the center) and use the Beherit item to change the corridor — the needle needs to point down and right.

Rotate the Corridor of Blood properly, and you should reach the Dark Lord’s Mausoleum. In the Mausoleum, go down two screens and then left one screen until you find a weight switch. Place the weight, and drop down to find the puzzle room with the Feather Treasure Chest.

  • Feather Treasure Puzzle:
    • In the room with the treasure, you’ll find a tablet that states you need to “Harness the Power of Storms” — to do that, you need the Mjolnir. With it equipped, if you make the wrong action and get zapped by an eye, the Mjolnir will absorb the lightning attack.
    • To unlock the blue chest, destroy the tablet on the left side. That unlocks the treasure, but there’s no way to reach it.

To get the treasure earlier and skip the Mjolnir puzzle, all you need to do is time your jump so that you hit an enemy, then you’re sent backwards onto the high ledge. You don’t the claw, but it does help a lot. Make the enemies appear, then time your jump into one of the floating orbs. They can knock you back onto the high, normally unreachable platform.

Aim yourself so the knockback effect from taking damage sends you back and up onto the ledge. It might take a few tries, but it is worth it for the feather. It’ll make exploration way easier for our fledgling archeologist.

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