La-Mulana 2 Walkthrough: Hunting Ratatoskr, Crystal Skulls & Key Items | Part 4

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Return to the ruins of Eg-Lana as we continue our massive, super-complicated (and super-condensed) walkthrough of La-Mulana 2. This is the mother of all metroidvanias, a game so dense and filled with puzzles, it’s immensely hard to simply show you footage. We have to make this insanity make sense, and to do that, we’re breaking down all the most important steps you need to take if you’re looking to progress.

And progress is hard-fought. This time around, we couldn’t reach a new Guardian boss in a timely fashion. Instead, we’re covering some clean-up. We’re entering areas we couldn’t reach before, gaining helpful items like the Grapple Claw, getting a whole bunch of Crystal Skulls, and exploring whole new areas like the Gates of the Dead, the Icefire Treetop, the Shrine of the Frost Giants, and Heaven’s Labyrinth.

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Hunting Ratatoskr, Crystal Skulls & Key Items | Part 4


No guardians this time — instead, we’re exploring new areas and defeating Ratatoskr sub-bosses all around the map. We’ll get some important items — including the Grapple Claw, the Anchor, and the Rapier. We’ll also unlock the Gates of the Dead, the Shrine of the Frost Giants, and reach the Heaven’s Labyrinth.

  • How to Get The Beherit: Village – Alsedana will give the Berehit to you after you defeat the Valhalla Guardian. He’s back in the starting village. The Berehit allows you to absorb “Dissonance” — basically, you need to find what is causing the conflict between the races, then use the Beherit to absorb the Dissonance. We’ll get into more detail about that later.
  • Cavern “Sun” Mantra: Enter through the Eternal Battlefield. Climb up and go right to find the Cavern — inside, just to the right of the Eternal Battlefield entrance, you’ll find text on a stone tablet. Scan it to get the Sun mantra.
  • Svipdagr Sub-Boss: Immortal Battlefield – Find him in the lower-right rooms. He’s very tough — the revolver and caltrops help here. Rolling Shurikens and Earth Spears are also very useful. You can’t his room puzzle until you acquire a sigil.
  • Ratatoskr Sub-Boss (Immortal Battlefield): Ratatoskr is located in the Cog Of Time room, in the Immortal Battlefield. Beware his quick forward charge attack — that’s his most dangerous attack. As long as you don’t let Ratatoskr touch you, his other attacks are much weaker.
    • Crystal Skull Location: Ratatoskr drops a Crystal Skull here.
  • Unlocking the Immortal Battlefield Ankh Door: We can’t fight the Immortal Battlefield Guardian yet — but you’ll need to do two things to prepare. Open the water from the reservoir and floor the lower levels, then go down to the “Mjolnir” tablet and you’ll see the large relief raise up in the background. It will only raise once you’ve flooded the lower levels.
    • Before you can take on the Immortal Battlefield Guardian, you’ll need a vehicle key and to make the Ankh door appear.
  • Nidhogg Sub-Boss: Roots of Yggdrasil – Required to reach the Icefire Treetops and collect the Grapple Claw. The Grapple Claw is required to get the Ankh Jewel for the Guardian door. Nidhogg is still chilling in the Roots of Yggdrasil. Go defeat it, located above the spinning platform.
    • Icefire Treetop Entrance: Go through the door in the Nidhogg sub-boss arena.
  • How to Get the Grapple Claw: The Grapple Claw lets you cling to any wall — just hold [Up] to cling to a wall, then press jump to bounce away. You can also use it to cross round pillars or icicles. Found to the right and down from the Roots entrance.
  • Icefire Treetop Map: Drop down to the lava and ride the lift up to find the blue chest on the right with the map.
  • Gate of the Dead Entrance: Immortal Battlefield – Find the Crystal Skull door. We now have enough Crystal Skulls to unlock it.
  • How to Get the Anchor: Gate of the Dead – You need to talk to the dwarf brothers in the Divine Fortress until they mention a treasure. Keep talking to them, and a block will appear in a room in the Gate of the Dead. Use it to solve the puzzle and open the chest. The room has a tablet that references the dwarf brothers.
    • The Anchor helps you sink in water, even when there’s a current pushing you up.
  • Sacred Orb Location: Icefire Treetops – Go right and down to the pool of water with spikes and a chest. You can now access the chests with the anchor equipped. Place a weight to unlock the chest.
  • Vedfolnir Sub-Boss: Icefire Treetops: In the fire area, drop down and you’ll eventually encounter this avian sub-boss. Don’t attack the big bird! Only attack the small bird flying in circles.
    • Ankh Jewel Location: Defeat the sub-boss to gain access to the Ankh Jewel.
  • Sacred Orb Location: Gate of the Dead – Turn the room upside down and place a weight, then turn it back up-right to unlock the chest.
  • Unicorn Sub-Boss: Defeat the Unicorn sub-boss to reveal a white altar / pedestal. To reach the Unicorn, you’ll need to flip the area upside down then drop “down” to actually reach the Unicorn’s arena.
    • Ankh Jewel Location: Defeat the Unicorn sub-boss to gain another Ankh Jewel. To solve the white pedestal puzzle, you need to use something very light. Use pepper instead of a weight. You can buy pepper from the village.
  • How to Get the Vajra: Weapons attack faster. Get it in the room below the five statues — down below, flip the room and place a weight on the spot where the headless statue was located. It’s the fourth spot from the left — second from the right.
  • Bounce Shot App: Combo with other apps. Sold by the shop in the Gate of the Dead for 200 coins. It’s a special game app you can play!
  • Yagoo Map Street App: Gate of the Dead – Gives you more detailed maps. Found in a room adjacent to another blue chest. Place a weight and summon a block, then push it to the slot by flipping the room.
    • Gate of the Dead Map: Found in the room adjacent to the block-pushing, room flipping chest puzzle.
  • Crystal Skull Location: Gate of the Dead – Simple. Just in a chest — flip the world, place a weight, then flip it back to normal.
  • Shrine of the Frost Giants Entrance: Annwfn – In the left side, you need two Crystal Skulls to unlock the door.
  • Shrine of the Frost Giants Map: Bring lots of weights. Near the entrance, go right and follow the path with the eights and wood walls. Open all the gates with the weights, and you’ll unlock the chest in the next room over.
  • How to Get the “Birth” Sigil: Shrine of the Frost Giants – Find the pile of snow on the right in the Shrine. Destroy the red orb to break the ceiling, then drop into the snow from above. You need momentum to get all the way through the thick snow.
    • Down through the snow, go right and place seven weights to get through the gates and open the blue chest.
  • Ankh Jewel Location: Shrine of the Frost Giants – Found in the room with the wall that closes in on you. Just wait on the left side for the wall to stop and turn back, then you can place the weights and open the chest. There’s no real danger.
  • How to Get the Rapier: Shrine of the Frost Giants – At the double lift room, jump onto the pillar at the top-left and go left. Continue left into a room with a series of weights and spiral gates. At the end / bottom, place one last weight to get the Rapier.
  • Badhbh Cath Sub-Boss: Unlocks access to the left / right rooms. Found at the top of the double lifts.
  • Ratatoskr Sub-Boss (Icefire Treetops): Required to get the Crystal Skull and access the Heaven’s Labyrinth area. Found on the other side of a very, very tricky jump — at the top, you’ll find two swinging platforms and an ice pillar in the middle. You have to use the grapple claw to get past the pillar and leap to the swinging platform.
    • Crystal Skull Location: You’ll get the Crystal Skull for defeating the Ratatoskr.
  • Heaven’s Labyrinth Entrance: Icefire Treetops – After defeating the Ratatoskr sub-boss, a hole will appear in the floor. Drop through and you’ll find the Heaven’s Labyrinth door on the left. It requires three souls to unlock.