La-Mulana 2: How To Get The Chain Whip Upgrade | Double Damage Guide

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Need to do more damage in La-Mulana 2? This is where you need to go to get a permanent whip upgrade. The chain whip gives you a bonus to all your standard whip attacks. Your hero does about twice as much damage, making previously unbeatable bosses a whole lot easier. The trick is just solving the puzzle and unlock the chain whip upgrade — the puzzle itself is a little tricky, so we’ll explain all the steps in the full text guide below. Or you can just watch the video guide at the top.

Either way, La-Mulana 2 is a hard, hard game. If you’re struggling to beat a boss, or guardian as they’re called, then you might want to do some more exploring. This isn’t like other Metroidvanias, where you’ll be able to find plenty of upgrades just by wandering around. You need to solve puzzles to unlock chests, and after finding the proper upgrades, it’s a good idea to return to areas you’ve been before to scout out any chests that are still locked. Just beware the mimics.

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How To Get The Whip Upgrade | Double Damage Puzzle Guide


The whip upgrade is an incredibly useful tool. To get the chain whip, just follow these steps.

  • Get the Power Gloves in Annfywn — go to the room with the “Look Away From Your Desires” tablet.
    • Approach the chest, then turn away until the chest opens. Inside, you’ll get the Power Gloves. You can now move blocks.
  • Use the Power Gloves to reach the lower sections of Annfwyn, then go through the rainbow to reach the Immortal Battlefield. (Caltrops make the water subboss easier to defeat.)
  • Find the huge chasm, then drop down to reach the Chain Whip Puzzle Room.
    • The puzzle room has two movable blocks. Push the lower block onto the pressure pad on the left. Then, use the water to reach the top and push the upper block onto the right pressure pad.
    • The chain whip will appear, but it doesn’t appear accessible. There’s a trick! You need to reach the room below, then use the ladder to climb up and into the chain whip room through an unmarked, one-way ladder entrance.

And that’s it! Once you have the chain whip, you’ll do more damage with all your standard attacks. You don’t want to miss this incredibly useful upgrade.