La-Mulana 2 Walkthrough: Annwfn & Annwfn Guardian | Part 3

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We go deeper into the Eg-Lana Ruins in our abridged walkthrough for La-Mulana 2. Instead of showing you hours of wandering, we’re just getting to the good stuff — what you need to know to make progress in this tricky game. There’s a lot you need to know to make it to the Annwfn Guardian, so let’s make that trip together.

Below you’ll find an annotated version of the video guide in text format, breaking down the many goals and items into bullet points for quick browsing. In this section, we explore the Annwfn area from multiple different angles — and eventually, the Eternal Battlefield. We’ll learn how to collect Mantras, grab a few unique items and equipment pieces, and solve one long puzzle. Yes, you’ll need to shrink a boat so you can fight a cow with a volcano on its back.

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Annwfn & Annwfn Guardian | Part 3


This is a busy video. There’s a lot to cover, including some optional exploration, collecting an Ankh Jewel, beginning the mantra hunt, and making the big boat appear so you can actually fight the Annwfn boss that’s normally floating around in space.

  • How to Get the Knife: Found in the Roots of Yggdrasil. In the room with the moving horizontal platform. Ride it and place the weight onto the pressure pad. The knife is a sub-weapon that attacks slightly faster and can hit low enemies, or enemies that are below you.
  • Annwfn Entrance: Also in the Roots of Yggdrasil, we can access Annwfn. Go left from the Divine Fortress door and break the red sigil. Take the ladder down to reach it.
  • Annwfn Map: Located in the blue treasure chest, in the room with the giant red statue head.
  • Ankh Jewel (La-Mulana Ruins): In the store in La-Mulana Ruins, you can purchase an Ankh Jewel for 50 coins. Do it as early as you can.
  • How to Get Freya’s Pendant:┬áTo reveal the Ankh (boss door), you’ll need to solve a puzzle and find the Fairy King. Find and talk to the Seer (named Voluspa) in Annwfn. Then, return to the grey giant statue head near the save point. You can climb the side of the head up.
    • At the top, smash the breakable wall to the right to find “Frey” — enter the temple to the left to talk to Frey himself. Tell him you possess power.
    • After talking to Frey, you’ll get a message that tells you that the La-Mulana Ruins have been expanded. Return and enter the Endless Corridor — there, you can talk to Freya.
    • Speak with Freya, then return to Frey to get Freya’s Pendant.
  • How to Solve the Annwfn Ankh Puzzle: After collecting Freya’s Pendant, return to Voluspa the Seer and she’ll make the Ankh appear. It appears in a blocked room — use the alternate entrance from the Roots of Yggdrasil to reach the other side and access the ankh.
    • The alternate entrance from the Roots of Yggdrasil is trapped. You need the Power Gloves and the Rolling Shuriken to get through the trap.
    • Throw the Rolling Shuriken to disable the trap — the Rolling Shuriken location is listed below.
  • How to Get the Power Glove: The gloves are in an Annwfn chest in a room where it says to “look away from your desire” — instead of approaching the blue chest, look away until the chest unlocks. The power gloves allows you to push heavy blocks.
  • How to Get the Rolling Shuriken: The Rolling Shuriken is found at the top of Annwfn. Ride the vertical moving platform up to the top and push the grey block into the grey pressure pad. The rolling shuriken rolls on the ground — and can go around corners.
  • Snapshots App (Mural Scan Ability): Use the Rolling Shuriken in Annwfn to get the Snapshot app. In the room with the blue laser fences, throw a Rolling Shuriken to hit the pressure pad on the other side. Climb the top-left ladder, then throw another Rolling Shuriken to unlock the gate on the center ladder.
    • At the top, you’ll have to fight Kaliya — a sub-boss. Defeat him, then go right and place a weight to swing a pendulum platform. Backtrack to the pendulum, push the block, and you’ll unlock a store.
    • The store sells the Snapshots app for 60 coins. Buy it! You need it to scan mantras in the environment — you won’t be able to actually recite mantras until you’ve defeat the Annwfn Guardian.
  • Roots of Yggdrasil “Mantra” Mantra: The first mantra is located in the Roots of Yggdrasil. Scan the wall of text using the Snapshots app — it’s in the room with the spinning platform.
    • This gives you the Mantras app — so you can both scan, and record, mantras.
  • Annwfn Ankh Guardian Door: To reach the boss door, you need to find Mulbruk — send her to Annwfn, then free her from the noose. She’ll activate a boss battle. Defeat the sub-boss, then follow the path up to access the Annwfn Ankh.
    • Mulbruk is located in a tent in the Immortal Battlefield.
  • How to Summon the Boat in the Annwfn Guardian Arena: Before you can actually fight the Annwfn Guardian, you need to summon a boat. Normally, when you enter the arena, you’ll fall to your death when you jump right. You need a boat.
    • Once you reach the boss Ankh, read the tablet on the right side. It says you “Must possess a ship” — to get it, go to the Divine Fortress and talk to both brothers.
    • Go to the strange ship in the Divine Fortress after talking to the dwarf brothers. When you arrive, the ship will fold up and you can collect it.
  • Divine Fortress “Heaven” Mantra: Located down below the ship located. Fall down to discover the Divine Fortress mantra wall.
  • Immortal Battlefield Entrance: Find the room in Annwfn with six symbols on a circle. Drop through the hole below to enter the Immortal Battlefield.
  • How to Get the Earth Spear: Located in the Immortal Battlefield. Spear that can be thrown that’s shorter ranger, but can hit enemies below you, and is more powerful than shurikens.
  • How to Get the Gale Fibula: Also located in the Immortal Battlefield. Activate the switch with the Earth Spear, then push the block. Jump through a secret wall above the treasure chest to reach it. The Gale Fibula allows you to sprint.
  • Annwfn Guardian Boss: The boss is very tricky. You need to attack the red eyes and avoid the falling rocks. Bring a Pistol (500 coins) and use it to do lots of damage to the boss, especially near the end of the battle. If you can reach the last eye, the one on the volcano, then finish it off quickly with the pistol.
  • Get the Djed Pillar (Incant Mantras): For defeating the guardian, you’ll gain the Djed Pillar, which allows you to recite the mantras you’ve learned. This is incredibly important for solving tons of puzzles, so you’ll need that as soon as possible.