Ni no Kuni 2: All Higgledy Locations | No Stone Unturned Guide

Upgrade your party with all the hidden Higgledy locations found in Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom. All over the world, there are strange little stones that demand item offerings — if you provide the right item, you’ll be able to befriend an all-new Higgledy. That’s a good thing, even if you don’t know what a Higgledy even is.

In Ni no Kuni 2, you’ll befriend strange little creatures called Higgledies. These weird monsters are an extra team of helpers you can send out with your party. The Higgledies are kind of like the Pikmin of Ni no Kuni 2, tiny henchmen that work with you all the time — including during the big siege battles. The very best Higgledies are only available from these bonus locations. Check out how to befriend them all below.

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All Higgledy Locations | No Stone Unturned Guide

There are 30 bonus higgledies found all over the world in Ni no Kuni 2. It isn’t enough just to find the stone where the higgledies are hiding, you’ll also need to feed stones a specific item — usually an end-game item you can earn through kingdom facilities.

Before beginning the quest to hunt down all 30 higgledy stones, you’ll want to accomplish the following tasks.

  • Higgledy Stone Preparation:
    • Play until very late into the game, or reach the post-game content.
    • Fully upgrade all kingdom facilities.
    • Assign someone to each facility to generate rare items.

When you’re ready, you can find the stones and give them the items they need.


Higgledy Hiding Spots

  • Stone #1: Jumblewoods – North of Evermore, go west on the path leading up to the Heartlands desert.
    • Required Item: Rugger Fur – Available from Evermore Hunting Lodge 1.
  • Stone #2: Jumblewoods – Same area as the previous higgledy.
    • Required Item: Slumbergull Feather – Available from Evermore Hunting Lodge 4.
  • Stone #3: Tightfit Cavern – Found along the northern shore above the Heartlands.
    • Required Item: Hardwearing Wool – Available from Evermore Bustling Bazaar.
  • Stone #4: Cloudcoil Cavern – On the path south of Slitherslide Trail.
    • Required Item: Munchy Nut – Random drop in Cloudcoil Cavern.
  • Stone #5: Cloudcoil Cavern – The southwestern arena in Sidewinder Gorge.
    • Required Item: Prism Pepper – Available from Evermore Fully-Fledged Farm.
  • Stone #6: Wyverns’ Den – Find the entrance west of the Sky Pirate’s Base.
    • Required Item: Single Cream – Available from the Evermore Sleepy Ranch.
  • Stone #7: Crosswater Cavern – Found on the river south of the Rolling Hills map marker.
    • Required Item: Snow-White Thread – Available from Evermore Humble Bazaar.
  • Stone #8: Old Well – In the Upstream Tunnels section of the zone.
    • Required Item: Blossomwheat – Available from Evermore Fertile Farm.
  • Stone #9: Old Well – Further north, in the Downstream Tunnels section.
    • Required Item: Forked Tail Bone – Available from Evermore Hunting Lodge 5.
  •  Stone #10: Tumbledown Shrine – Find the shrine in the Rolling Hills area, south of the Crypt of Cat Kings.
    • Required Item: Clear Prism – Available from Evermore Mining Camp 1.
  •  Stone #11: Crooked Cavern – Drop by this donut-shaped landing zone with the Zippelin, found at the Farflung Cape.
    • Required Item: Glacier Crystal Cluster – Available from Evermore Mining Camp 4.
  •  Stone #12: Shiverwood Shrine – Found on the plateau east of Eventide Trail.
    • Required Item: Twisty Bone – Available from Evermore Mining Camp 3.
  •  Stone #13: Forest of Niall – Found on the northern trail of the Hard Woods section.
    • Required Item: Nightmare Prism – Purchaseable from the Swift Solutions storefront.
  •  Stone #14: Forest of Niall – Search the far north of the Greenling Grove area.
    • Required Item: Gunkshrooms – Available from Evermore Budding Lumberyard.
  • Stone #15: Unsung Shrine – West of the Calmlands, on the Sundance Coast. Requires the Rejuvenate spell to reach the stone.
    • Required Item: Heavenly Wonderwater – Available from Evermore Mining Camp 5.
  • Stone #16: Death’s Door – Found in the Blackwaters / Cozy Cove area. On the coast east from the Shabby Shrine.
    • Required Item: Knight’s Brocade – Available from Evermore Wondrous Bazaar.
  •  Stone #17: Hidey-Hole – Find the small cave in the Shallow Shoals area, on the northern beach.
    • Required Item: Sackcloth – Available from Evermore Humble Bazaar.
  • Stone #18: Dampshoe Cave – In the center of the Makronos island.
    • Required Item: Coral Huebloom – Available from Evermore Minor Market Garden.
  • Stone #19: Seaspray Tunnel – Find this cave on the smaller Mikronos island.
    • Required Item: Briar Coral – Available from Evermore Fresh Fish Market.
  • Stone #20: Abyss – In the ‘1000 Fathoms Deep’ area, accessed in the main story.
    • Required Item: Bright Button – Available from Evermore Humble Bazaar.
  •  Stone #21: Abyss – Deeper, in the ‘3000 Fathoms Deep’ zone.
    • Required Item: Bighorn Shell – Available from the Evermore Fabulous Fish Market.
  • Stone #22: Bleachbone Shrine – On the cliffs along the southwestern ridge of Drythroat Dunes.
    • Required Item: Fluffy Cloth – Available from Evermore Thriving Bazaar.
  • Stone #23: Sunshade Shrine – On the northern ridge of Slakethirst Oasis.
    • Required Item: Sunnysmile Cotton – Available from Evermore Wondrous Bazaar 3.
  • Stone #24: Shrine That Time Forgot – On the hills, on the water west of Broadleaf. Requires the rejuvenate spell to access the stone.
    • Required Item: Bolt Eagle Feather – Available from Evermore Hunting Lodge 5.
  • Stone #25: Sublime Shrine – Northeast of Broadleaf, near the canyon path up to Chattertooth Ridge.
    • Required Item: Coarse-Grained Lumber – Available from the Branching Lumberyard.
  • Stone #26: Fathomless Forest – Northwest from Broadleaf, in the Pinwheel Flats area.
    • Required Item: Fine Fur – Available from the Evermore Hunting Lodge 3.
  • Stone #27: Dynafloor No. 2 – Reach the southeastern dead end corner on this map.
    • Required Item: Scented Sap – Available from Evermore Flourishing Lumberyard.
  • Stone #28: Dynafloor No. 3 –  Found in a small dead end, on the lower northeast corner of the room.
    • Required Item: Whole Milk – Available from Evermore Raucous Ranch.
  • Stone #29: Ice House – Find the destroyed shrine in Permafrost Plains and use the Rejuvenate Spell to restore the dungeon.
    • Required Item: Sturdy Bone – Available from Evermore Hunting Lodge 1.
  • Stone #30: Freezybone Cave – The cave is on the hill to the east from the Permafrot Plains map title.
    • Required Item: Enigma Prism – Available from Evermore Mining Camp 5.