Ni no Kuni 2: Get To Level 95 Faster With This Post-Game XP Grinding Method

After completing the main story and defeating the final boss, there’s still a world of stuff to explore in Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom. That includes an insanely over-powered super-boss at the end of the “Top Marks For Trying” side-quest. If you’re on your way to the very end of the game and want to earn levels, there’s a way to do it fast — faster than any other method, at least. Even if getting to Level 95 is still going to take a heckuva long time.

Ni no Kuni 2 takes players to a whimsical world, where you play as a king seeking peace. Instead of the original’s sometimes-slow JRPG battles, you’ll fight in real-time fights, kicking butt with a party while joining massive RTS-lite battles against warring factions. There’s a huge story campaign that ends in a customary massive end-boss battle, and that’s how you’ll be able to earn all those awesome XP fast. It’s all about the last boss, and using him to get faster XP.

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How To Farm XP | Post-Game Leveling Guide

Before you can take on the tainted Level 95 super-boss at the end of the Dream Maze, which you can explore in the “Top Marks For Trying” side-quest, you’ll have to get a whole lot strong. Your party should only be about Level 70 when you complete the campaign — that means you’ll need to grind at least 30 levels before facing off against the Level 95 super-boss is manageable.

  • How To Get To Level 95 | XP Farming Method
    1. First, complete all side-quests / dungeons you can. You’ll get some XP for doing everything, so there’s no reason to start grinding until you’ve got nothing else to do.
    2. Replay the final boss battle — lock-on and attack until the final boss is defeated. After leveling up post-game, he should be a breeze.
    3. When the boss is defeated, skip the cutscenes and save your game, then reload. You’ll start back before the battle, with all your earned XP.
    4. Rinse and repeat, defeating the final boss to earn tons of XP.

This is a really monotonous method, and it will still take about 5-6~ hours of grinding to reach Level 95 from Level 70 or so. Listen to some music, watch some TV, do anything else and you’ll be able to (very) slowly grind through the levels and make the super-boss a breeze.