Monster Hunter: World – How To Capture Large Monsters | Bonus Items Guide

At the start of Monster Hunter: World, you’re given the Capture Net for free. It’s an awesome wrist-mounted launcher that’ll grab tiny animals with ease. It’s great for collecting animals for your home, or just for the raw Research Points, but sometimes you’ll need to bring in bigger game. Capturing becomes a whole lot harder when you’re trying to grab Large Monsters.

Large Monsters are the premier creatures of Monster Hunter: World. Great Jagras, Pukei-Pukie, and Anjanth are some of the first large monsters you’ll meet in the Ancient Forest. You can do more than fight them — with the right equipment, you can capture them and gain even more materials for crafting. It isn’t exactly an easy process, but we’ll try to explain how it’s done.

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How To Capture Large Monsters | Research Guide

Capturing Large Monsters is a tricky process. Some quests or investigations will task you with capturing particular monsters. If you take on a quest that requires you to capture, you’ll get all the equipment you’ll need in the Item Box — but it isn’t always enough.

  • To Capture a Large Monster, You Need:
    1. A Trap (Pitfall, Shock, etc)
    2. Tranquilizer (Shots, Bombs, etc)

You only need one trap, but it helps to bring more. You can craft these items in your Item Crafting menu — you can buy the parts (or the traps) in your home base. Tranquilizer Shot is a special ammo type for Bowguns. If you’re a melee fighter, you’ll need to stick with Bombs early on.


  • How to Capture a Large Monster:
    1. Fight a Large Monster until it is weak. It will have a noticeable limp and try to escape.
    2. Set a try and snare the Large Monster in it.
    3. While the Large Monster is trapped, hit it with Tranquilizer Bombs (or other types of Tranquilizer) until the monster is captured.

Depending on the monster, it might take multiple tranquilizers to take it out for good. Alternatively, you can tranquilize a monster to temporarily stun it, then place a trap to ensnare it. If the tranquilize effect is still active, you’ll capture the monster after it falls for your trap.

Sounds confusing? Give it a try and you’ll see it isn’t too bad, even if dealing with angry, rampaging monsters is a challenge. To make matters a little easier, investigate your monster target until your scoutflies can predict which direction it will retreat.