Monster Hunter: World – How To Get Armor Spheres | Farming Guide

Keeping your armor upgraded is pretty important in Monster Hunter: World. One of the primary resources required to upgrade at the Blacksmith in Astera are Armor Spheres, and there are only a few ways to get these things — even if they’re common, newbies might be a little lost on how to get more when they run out early in the game.

Basically, you want to complete bounties. Lots and lots of bounties, and you should keep updating your list of bounties all the time. Monster Hunter: World is all about managing your time and multitasking to make the most out of your quests. It isn’t enough to just kill monsters.

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How To Get Armor Spheres | Farming Guide

Armor Spheres are a common requirement for upgrades in Astera’s blacksmith. To upgrade your armor, you’ll need Armor Spheres — and lots of them. There are lots of ways to get Armor Spheres, so let’s break down the best ways to farm them.

Armor Spheres are a common Bounty Reward. Check the Resource Center and select ‘Bounties’ to set up to 10 bounties that you can complete while on an Expedition or on a Quest. Completing Bounties (picking up resources, killing small / large monsters) will almost always net you Armor Spheres.

  • To get Armor Spheres faster and with less effort, skip any challenging bounties. Don’t pick up bounties requiring you to complete quests or kill large creatures. Harvesting bounties are by far the easiest.
    • Collecting ore from Mining Outcrops is one of the best bounties. Mining Outcrops are rare, but you can harvest them three times and they reset after a few minutes.

Complete bounties and return to Astera. Talk to the Resource Center, and they’ll give you your rewards for completing bounties. Now you can infuse those Armor Spheres into your gear to increase level and get tougher!