Black Ops 4 Zombies: Ancient Evil – Secret Song Easter Egg Guide

Treyarch, the developers of Black Ops 4, love secret songs — they love secret songs so much, they’ll jam an original secret song into every Zombies map. Ancient Evil isn’t an exception, and you can unlock this rocking tune for your friends with this quick and easy-to-solve Easter egg. It’s very, very simple, and possible to complete solo.

If you’ve stuck with us since the beginning of Black Ops 4, then this method shouldn’t be a surprise. To make the song ‘Stormbound’ (vocals by Clark S. Nova) play, you’ll need to locate four brightly-colored coins and shoot them. It’s possible to find them all on your own — they clash against the dim environment — but if you’re in a rush, or just want to hear the song, check out the full guide below.

To hear all of the original Black Ops 4 Zombies secret songs, check out the full playlist here.

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Secret Song Easter Egg Guide

[NOTE: This song cannot be activated in offline mode.]

To hear the secret song play in the map Ancient Evil, you’ll need to locate and shoot four hidden, glowing coins.

You can shoot the coins in any order and with any weapon. Just shoot them all, and the song ‘Stormbound’ will begin to play. Check out the official video above to give this secret original a listen.



Coin #1: Marketplace – To the right of the flipped over table, in the back-left corner from the Temple of Apollo entrance. Look over the table that forms a ‘zombie window’ — left of the Shield table.

Coin #2: Spartan Monument – Enter the small courtyard with a statue down the steps from the Shoa of the Athenians door. There’s a bloody ‘zombie window’ — look up at the handrailing above for the green marker.

Coin #3: River of Sorrow – After riding into the River of Sorrow (PaP area), follow the right-wall down and look for a female statue. The purple coin is behind the statue on the left side.

Coin #4: Cliff Ruins – Stuck to the bottom of the table, in the room with the Forge. Look to the right of the forge and go prone to spot the last coin.

This method is identical to the other hidden song Easter eggs in Black Ops 4 — Classified and IX both feature songs you can hear by shooting strangely colored coins, hidden in the environment.

In older maps, the secret song was tied to interactions with specific items. For example, you’d have to find and interact with three teddy bears. This time, it’s all about shooting coins.

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