Black Ops 4 Zombies: Blood Of The Dead – How To Upgrade The Spectral Shield | Secret Guide

The Spectral Shield is a really versatile weapon in “Blood of the Dead”, it doesn’t just protect you from zombie hordes. It also comes with a key that can be charged by blasted undead, then releasing a Spectral Blast that knocks everything back. The shield protects your back when you’re not using it, and the window can be used like a ghostly X-Ray vision, spotting secrets that you can’t normally see.

The Spectral Shield is an integral part of the main Easter egg on this map, so it’s only natural you can actually upgrade this bad boy. Upgrading the Spectral Shield is incredibly simple, and all you need is the Hell’s Retriever, which you’ll receive after feeding the three Cerberus heads their fill of zombies.

The “Attuned Spectral Shield” is more powerful, and protects you more. It’s also (probably!) an important part of the Easter egg quest. Whatever the case, check out how to unlock the shield upgrade in the full guide below.

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Blood Of The Dead – How To Upgrade The Spectral Shield | Secret Guide

[NOTE: The Spectral Shield upgrade can only be acquired in CLASSIC MODE.]

To upgrade the Spectral Shield, you need to find the three shield parts and acquire the Hell’s Retriever. When you’ve got everything you need — check the links above for more details — you can get the upgraded Shield.

  • Shield Upgrade: To upgrade your shield, find a Mystery Box.
    • Purchase random rolls from the Mystery Box until a lock symbol appears.
    • When the lock appears, zap the lock with the Spectral Shield key.
    • The key will glow blue and start to spin. Throw the Hell’s Retriever (or Redeemer) at the lock.
    • The lock will be collected and added to your Spectral Shield.

This turns your shield into the “Attuned Spectral Shield” — it’s tougher, more powerful, and all-around way better. It’s also probably going to be used for an Easter egg quest step.

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