Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 6 – Weekly Challenges Guide | Treasure & Collectible Locations

Another season is upon us, and once again there are weekly challenges to complete — and the two toughest Fortnite: Battle Royale challenges are always the collectibles, and the hidden treasure Battle Star. Finding these tiny trinkets can be a pain when you’re all alone, and especially if you’ve missed a week. That’s why we’re here — to list all the information you need and straight-up tell you where to get these challenges done.

  • Note: Weekly Challenges are for Battle Pass holders only. If you don’t have a Battle Pass, you won’t be able to complete these challenges. The Battle Pass costs $10 USD, and unlocks the entire season of rewards.

Season 6 is the spookiest season yet, filled with Halloween-themed decorations, prizes, creepy castles, and costumes. For reaching the end of the Battle Pass Reward Tiers, you’ll earn a werewolf costume. There’s more than just ghosts and goblins, you’ll also have to contend with floating islands, and even all-new pets. Shadow Stones are another new addition — but you’ll have to find all that stuff on your own. Here, we’re all about those challenges. Keep scrolling to unlock them all.

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Weekly Challenges Guide | Treasure & Collectible Locations

[Use this map to easily locate the map square coordinates described in the post below.]

If you purchase the Season 6 Battle Pass for Fortnite: Battle Royale, you’ll unlock weekly challenges you can complete to progress down the unlockable tier list. If you want to get all the cosmetics, you’re going to need to finish some of the weekly challenges.

The toughest weekly challenges involve two things — treasure maps, and collectible locations.┬áIf you miss a week — don’t worry! As long as the season is still going, you can go back and replay challenges from previous weeks.

[NOTE: You don’t need to actually pick up the treasure map! You can just skip to the end goal and collect the Battle Star.]

Week 1 | Treasure & Collectibles Locations

There is no standard Treasure Hunt challenge this week. Instead, you’ll just need to Apply Shields, Land on Junk Island, or eliminate opponents in Named Locations. All basic stuff.

For the collectibles challenge this week, you need to dance under street lamps. Any of the dance emotes will do — just find a street lamp and dance underneath it! It’s really simple. The tricky part is just finding all the street lamps you need. The only street lamps that work have speakers around them — normal street lamps don’t work!

  • Challenge: 7 Street Lamps
    • Lamp #1: E9 [In the unnamed urban area, northeast of Flush Factory.]
    • Lamp #2: C7 [In Greasy Grove, next to the Durrr Burger.]
    • Lamp #3: C5 [In the small unnamed urban area, west of Tilted Towers.]
    • Lamp #4: D5 [In Tilted Towers, in the northwest corner.]
    • Lamp #5: D6 [Also in Tilted Tower, this time in the southeast corner.]
    • Lamp #6: C3 [On the northern edge of Pleasant Park.]
    • Lamp #7: F2 [In the parking lot north of Lazy Links]

Week 2 | Treasure & Collectibles Locations

Again, no treasure location this week. The collectibles challenge asks you to visit “Corrupted Areas” — which is incredibly easy. Corrupted Areas are the purple-stained rune locations where Shadow Stones spawn. They’re clearly visible on your map.

Week 3 | Treasure & Collectibles Locations

For Week 3, you need to find and complete three time trial challenges. The locations are marked on the map above.

  • Challenge: 3 Time Trials
    • Trial #1: G4 [In Tomato Town.]
    • Trial #2: B4 [On the hill northeast of Snobby Shores.]
    • Trial #3: E8 [At the large bridge southeast of Shifty Shafts.]

Week 4 | Treasure & Collectibles Locations

For Week 4, you need to complete three different Shooting Gallery challenges. There are multiple shooting ranges (there are seven, at least) but here’s where you can easily find three to complete the weekly challenge.

  • Challenge: 3 Shooting Galleries
    • Gallery #1: F8 [On the large hill west of Fatal Fields. Right in the lower-left corner of the square.]
    • Gallery #2: B6 [East of Viking Village.]
    • Gallery #3: H7 [South of Retail Row, where the grass and desert biome meet.]

[Work-in-Progress: Check back next week for new challenge locations!]