New Free Fortnite PlayStation Plus Cosmetics Released

Epic Games’ Fortnite is known for its extravagant skins and cosmetic items. The studio manages to maintain the game as a free-to-play, with these skins and purchases never affecting or giving players an unfair gameplay advantage. Not only that, these purchases contribute to the majority of the revenue Epic Games gets from Fortnite.

This the third celebratory free PlayStation Plus cosmetic bundle. However, this time they changed it up a bit. Unlike the previous two bundles, there is no skin. Instead, players will get a DualShock 4-themed pickaxe, a googly-eyed glider and a skydiving trail with each of the main four PlayStation colours coming out from your limbs.

  • Controller Pickaxe: features button detailing on the top, similar to a controller. The color is black featuring blue lighting detailing.
  • Skydiving Trail: Fall from the skies with a stream of PlayStation button colors emitting from your hands and feet (green, red, blue, and pink).
  • Flappy Glider: Decked out in Sony blue and white, this glider features a large set of googly eyes with a mouth carved out underneath.

Fortnite recently dominated the European PlayStation Store DLC downloads with the starter Ace pack.

[Source: PlayStation Store]