Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 6 – Hunting Party Challenges Guide | Secret Battle Star Locations

Secret Battle Stars are back in Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 6. This time around they’re called Hunting Party challenges — and they’re just like previous seasons. After completing all 10 weekly Battle Pass challenges, you’ll get to see a postcard with a special image that hints at a hidden Battle Pass location. The hint is pretty tricky to spot on your own, so if you really don’t want to solve puzzles, and just want to get to the location, we’ve got it described below.

The extra Battle Pass star will help you unlock stuff at a (slightly) faster rate. They aren’t required to get everything, but who doesn’t want more Battle Stars? It’ll give you something else to strive for while playing round after round, and getting extra prizes is always fun. The star will only appear after you’ve finished all 10 challenges — and you really don’t need to see the postcard to find these things, even if the new art is kind of cool.

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Hunting Party Challenges Guide | Secret Battle Star Locations

[Use this map to easily locate the map square coordinates described in the post below.]

After purchasing the Season 6 Battle Pass, you’ll be able to complete weekly challenges. Complete an entire sheet of challenges for that week, and you’ll earn yourself a special postcard / loading screen image — there’s a clue that shows you where to get a secret Battle Star on the image.

Here, we’re going to explain where you need to go to find the hidden Battle Star so you don’t have to solve these tricky puzzles alone.

Week 1 – Secret Battle Star Location

  • Star Location: There’s a farm just east of Paradise Palms in the desert biome. The star is located on the red tractor, on the hill just southwest of the farm.
    • Map Coordinates: J8 [Right on the edge of the square, floating on top of a red tractor near the farmstead.]

Week 2 – Secret Battle Star Location

  • Star Location: Right near the curve of the road in the northwest corner of Paradise Palms. There’s an olde timey cart on display with ropes around it. The secret flag is right on the front seat.
    • Map Coordinates: I8 [In the northwest corner of the square, right where the road north of Paradise Palms turns east.]

Week 3 – Secret Battle Star Location

  • Star Location: Drop down to the house in the trees of Wailing Woods. Look on the map — the house is right where the “O” and the “D” meet, in the Wailing Woods label. Land on the roof. The battle star is right next to the chimney.
    • Map Coordinates: I3 [Like it says above, look between the “O” and “D” on the map.]

Week 4 – Secret Battle Star Location

  • Star Location: On the giant llama statue, northwest of Junk Junction. It’s literally sitting on top of the llama’s head.
    • Map Coordinates: B1 [Right on top of the llama. Glide down and grab it. You can’t miss it.]

[Work-in-Progress: Check back next week for new Battle Star locations!]