WW2 Zombies: Shadowed Throne – Unlock Hidden Camo, Secret Songs & Audio Recordings

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Every Call of Duty: WW2 Zombies map is a mystery — but this one adds even more weirdness to the world. Instead of simply scattering audio logs around the map for you to collect, you’ll have to complete difficult challenges just to get a little bit of lore. On top of that, there’s a radio you can play with that unlocks extra skins for your weapons — just input the correct frequency and you’re good to go.

There’s still a lot we don’t fully understand about ‘The Shadowed Throne’, so I can almost guarantee there are more secrets to discover. For now, we’re just going to settle for these two audio logs and a special, secret camo skin. One of the audio log challenges even includes a bonus secret song Easter egg.

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Unlock Hidden Camo & Audio Recordings | Secrets Guide

‘The Shadowed Throne’ is full of mysteries. Here are three secrets — one hidden camo, and two audio recordings — that you can unlock by completing special challenges in the map.

How To Get Hidden Camo

  • Reach Main Street and hold [Square / X] to interact with the radio in the corner.
  • Set the radio frequency to [39][39].
  • You’ll unlock the Thule’s Errand weapon camo.

How To Unlock Audio Recordings

  • Recording #1:
    • Go to the Apartment and pick up the Vinyl Record — shoot the painting to find the record. The painting is located in the hallway leading to Main Street.
    • Place the Vinyl Record on the Record Player in the corner of the living room in the Apartment.
    • Power up the record player with the Wunderbuss energy weapon by shooting it.
    • The secret song Dark Wings will play.
    • With the secret song playing, you can collect the recording in the hand of the dead woman in the bed.


  • Recording #2:
    • Shoot bells in the Cabaret to activate 8 lamps in this order. You’ll need to shoot all 8 quickly. You only have about 25 seconds — the lamp / bells are essentially laid out in a circle.
    • NOTE: This is much, much easier to complete if you use the Wunderbuss! 
      1. On the right side of the front desk.
      2. On the small table beside the instruments, to the right of the lobby.
      3. On the large pile of rubble in the center.
      4. On the piano, on the stage.
      5. On the levers, to the left of the Plaza door in the backstage area.
      6. On the floor, next to the second floor costume rack.
      7. On the table, next to the cheetah poster.
      8. The left side of the front desk.

To listen to recordings, go to the Player tab and select “Recordings”.

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