Crash Bandicoot 4: How To 100% Every Level | All Hidden Gems & Crates Locations Guide

You can’t really say you’ve completed Crash Bandicoot 4 until you’ve collected every single crate. For completing all the challenges in a level, you’ll earn a new skin — and inch closer to 100% completion for the entire game. Every level challenges you to collect a hidden gem, find 80% of the Wumpa Fruit, and smash every single crate. The Wumpa Fruit is the easiest — and you’ll always get that if you break all the crates, basically.

The hard ones are the crates and the Hidden Gems. To help you earn all the fancy skins and reach every single section of the game, we’re going to break down where to find them all for each individual level. There can be 400+ crates in a single level, so we’ll keep a running tally of how many you should have at each point of the level. Just to make your collecting easier.

Along with locations, you’ll also find some quick explanations for 100%. The game doesn’t really explain how Flashback Tapes work — or N. Sanity Relics! I’ll tell you how to get all the awards and extra modes below.

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Unlocking Gems, Awards & New Modes – Overview

Every level has 12 gems you can unlock total. 6 in Normal Mode, and 6 in N. Verted Mode.

  • Normal Mode Gems:
    • 20% Wumpa Fruit Collected
    • 40% Wumpa Fruit Collected
    • 80% Wumpa Fruit Collected
    • 100% Crates Smashed
    • Die No More Than 3 Times
    • Find Hidden Gem
  • N. Verted Mode: Unlocked after defeating N. Brio. Beat each level to replay an N. Verted version of the level for 6 more gems.
  • Flashback Tapes: Flashback Tapes unlock bonus gauntlet stages that are tougher than normal stages. To get them, you need to reach the tape without dying once.
  • Time Trial Relics: Relics are earned by completing Time Trials. Every level has a Time Trial — after beating the level once, collect the stopwatch at the start to initiate the Time Trial. The faster you are, the better your relic.
  • N. Sanity Relic: The hardest Relic to earn by far. This is earned by completing all 6 Gem Challenges (80% Wumpa Fruit, all crates destroyed, hidden gem) without dying once. Basically, you need to run through the level, get the hidden gem and smash all the crates without dying.

All Crates & Hidden Gems Locations | 100% Completion Guides

[Work-in-Progress: Check back soon for more level guides as they’re completed.]

Here’s the real deal. Find all our 100% completion guides linked below. These guides show you how to find all the crates and the hidden gem in each level. If there are other collectibles like a colored gem, those will be included too.

Each guide specially marks any crate that are easy-to-miss, so if you’re missing just one (or a few) crates, look for the [Easy-To-Miss] marker.

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