Crash Bandicoot 4: All Crates & Hidden Gem Locations | 8-2: Stowing Away 100% Guide

Sneak aboard N. Oxide’s speedy ship in this Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time level. If you haven’t played every game in the Crash Bandicoot series, N. Oxide is from Crash Team Racing — an annoying alien villain that you don’t even get a chance to beat up in this game. You do get to steal (and crash) his ship. So that’s fun too. Here’s where to get all the crates and the hidden gem.

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8-2: Stowing Away | All Crates & Hidden Gems

To earn 100% on a level, you need to find 80% of all Wumpa Fruit, die no more than 3 times, find the Hidden Gem, and find all crates. These challenges can be completed in any order. If you die more than 3 times while finding all the crates, you can return and earn the last gem later. All gems you’ve unlocked in a level stay unlocked in future replays.

Easter eggs galore in this room.

6/152: 6 crates are in the very first room.

16/152: Break all the crates in the vent, ending with the first checkpoint.

23/152: Destroy all the crates until you reach a red “!” crate. Stop here.

28/152: Hit the red “!” crate and rush to the end of the path to smash all 5 red crates before the timer runs out.

31/152: Smash all the crates before entering the vent.

Enter the secret area up there.

Hidden Gem: Inside the second vent, use the gravity power-up to swap gravity before the first laser trap. Fall into the ceiling and check the left corner.

38/152: Hit the vent checkpoint, then continue to the third checkpoint past the red heated pumps.

49/152: Crawl / jump through the vent until you exit and hit the fourth checkpoint.

62/152: Destroy all the crates up to the bonus room entrance with the purple whirlwind power.

  • NOTE: Before the bonus room, there is a TNT crate with a strong crate above it. Use the whirlwind while jumping to destroy the strong crate without blowing yourself up.

[Bonus Room] 97/152: There are 34 crates in the bonus room. You’ll have to move fast to collect all the crates here.

  • Jump on the TNT crate and then jump right at 1 — aim to hit the left-most or right-most invisible block as it appears. Aim for the TNT.
  • You need to activate the TNT before the metal blocks appear and block you.
  • For the second TNT, jump right to land on a bounce block and aim to bounce on the TNT to the right. Keep going right and activate the next “!” block under the strong crate.
  • Continue right and jump through the two Nitro / Fruit crates. This is the trickiest jump of the room.
  • Hit the Nitro detonator, then backtrack all the way back and destroy all the crates on the way to the exit.

115/152: Clear all the crates down the rest of the hallway and inside the vent. This count stops when you enter the shifting wall puzzle room.

123/152: Smash the crates in the hallway leading to the spaceship control room.

152/152: Starting with the checkpoint at the bottom of the elevator, use the whirlwind power to smash all the crates on the path. No tricky crates here.