Crash Bandicoot 4: How To Find The Ridiculous WOAH! Meme | WOAH YEAH! Easter Egg Guide

The “WOAH!” meme is back — and if you don’t have a clue what that is, and I absolutely don’t blame you, you can learn all about WOAH! here. The levels of irony are off-the-charts, and this absurdist nightmare makes a stunning appearance in Crash Bandicoot 4. We’re covering three achievements / trophies here — all related to our main man Crash Bandicoot saying “WOAH!”

There’s a new ability called the triple spin just waiting to be unlocked in Crash Bandicoot 4. It might seem like a simple three-hit combo attack, but there’s something far more sinister hidden in this basic ability upgrade… a big ol’ woah.

In addition to the triple attack, there’s another secret moment you can only unlock if you’re fast with your fingers. There are three trophies / achievements associated with the Bandicoot’s exclamation — the Whoa! achievement, the Showoff achievement, and the big WOAH YEA! achievement. We’ll cover how to do them all, but I really only want to write about this because of the “WOAH!” thing.

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Make Crash Say “WOAH!” In Crash Bandicoot 4 With The Triple Spin

To get the (incredibly stupid) “WOAH!” meme to appear, you’ll first need to unlock the Triple Spin. This special ability is unlocked once you complete a certain part of the game.

  • Complete “The Past Unmasked” final level to unlock the Triple Spin ability.
    • Tap the spin-attack button three times to increase your attack radius and move faster.

To perform the triple spin-attack, make sure to tap the button slowly — don’t go too fast or you’ll cancel the animation. You need to press the attack button a second (and third) time right as the first spin-attack animation is about to end.

For using the ability you’ll earn the “Whoa!” achievement. For defeating an enemy with this ability, you’ll earn the “Showoff” achievement.

WOAH! Shatters Time And Space

Here’s the real meme. In one of the final levels, A Hole In Space — you’ll ride an energy rail through a series of interdimensional portals. Along the rail there are 18 bumpa fruit. Make sure to collect them all. On the final fruit, a big bunch of “WOAH!” will appear, completely filling your screen and blasting your ear-drums.

If you don’t know this meme, this moment is completely surreal and makes absolutely no sense. Even if you do know the meme, it’s pretty wild — but it’s pretty easy to miss either way. You’ll need to swap dimensions, jump, and hang from the rail to get all 18.

For making Crash go “WOAH!” you’ll earn the WOAH YEAH! achievement / trophy. Congratulations?