Crash Bandicoot 4: All Crates & Hidden Gem Locations | 6-2: Stay Frosty 100% Guide

Slow-mo is your best friend in the second level of icy Map 6. Crash Bandicoot 4 gives you an increasingly complex array of special power-ups, and this stage is all about the yellow slow-mo mask. You’ll need to slow time to jump over falling ice blocks and time your attacks correctly or you’ll get hooked by the undead fishermen guarding the shores of Cortex’s secret base.

The secret crates are getting a little less frequent, but you’ll have to practice hard to collect all the crates and avoid falling into a pit. It gets easier eventually — with enough practice, you’ll be sailing through challenges you previously thought were just too tough.

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6-2: Stay Frosty | All Crates & Hidden Gems

To earn 100% on a level, you need to find 80% of all Wumpa Fruit, die no more than 3 times, find the Hidden Gem, and find all crates. These challenges can be completed in any order. If you die more than 3 times while finding all the crates, you can return and earn the last gem later. All gems you’ve unlocked in a level stay unlocked in future replays.

There’s a bounce crate hidden here. Don’t smash them all!

10/137: Break all the crates until you reach the slow-mo waterfall.

[Easy-To-Miss] 11/137: There’s 1 crate floating above the large collection of crates between the waterfall rapids. Use the hidden bounce block in the crate collection to reach it.

32/137: Then smash the rest!

[Easy-To-Miss] 33/137: At the second waterfall rapid, wait until a platform with a crate appears. If you’re patient, you’ll see it go by.

34/137: Reach the checkpoint. There’s a fork in the road here.

35/137: There’s 1 single crate on the left path. Go smash it, then backtrack to the fork and go right.

53/137: Smash all the crates on the right side and you’ll reach a rail grind slow-mo sequence.

66/137: Smash all the crates — don’t miss the “!” crate — on the rail grind. Use slow-mo when the gates are open to sail through. Make sure you don’t have slow-mo activated when you hit the “!” crate.

82/137: After exiting the rail grinding sequence, smash the checkpoint and all the crates nearby. There are two floating to the right of the checkpoint.

84/137: Through the gauntlet of drone-operators, destroy the 1 crate on a Nitro, and the Aku-Aku crate on the upper platform. Reach it with a slide-jump.

[Easy-To-Miss] 87/137: After the Aku-Aku, you’ll find a bounce crate. Bounce up to smash 1 crate, then double-jump left to find a high platform path that leads to 2 more crates.

93/137: Smash the crates on the path to the Bonus Room. There are 2 crates on the upper-left platform you’ll walk under before the Bonus Room.

[Bonus Room] 112/137: There are 19 crates in the Bonus Room. To complete it, you need to use slow-mo and single-bounce on the 3 Nitro crates so you can reach the single crate under the metal blocks before it’s sealed away. If you can do that, you’ll be able to complete this trick bonus room.

113/137: Hit the checkpoint before the ice rapids sequence.

118/137: After using slow-mo to cross the first ice river, look up and left for an optional path. Follow it — my count includes the Nitro crate. You can set it off with your slow-mo power-up.

Hidden Gem: On the side-scrolling ice river rapid area, you’ll cross the first river section and land on solid ground. Go up and take the upper path to a raised platform with this gem.

120/137: Smash the 2 crates to the left of the hidden gem.

122/137: 2 more crates on the final path. You can’t miss them.

137/137: Hit the Nitro detonator to get the last ones.