Crash Bandicoot 4: All Crates & Hidden Gem Locations | 5-2: Home Cookin’ 100% Guide

We’re scrounging for crates on the Bayou, and this is an all-time record (so far) in Crash Bandicoot 4. There are 398 crates in this level. It sounds like a whole lot, but most of the crates are in big piles for you to destroy, so it isn’t nearly as tough as it sounds.

Except there are hidden optional areas you can only access with Dingodile’s special movement abilities. There are targets only Dingodile can smash using TNT crates, which are sometimes in limited supply, and you’ll even have to keep an eye out for breakable objects and walls that don’t appear anywhere else in the game. Strap on your vacuum gun and let’s go hunting for 100%.

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5-2: Home Cookin’ | All Crates & Hidden Gems

To earn 100% on a level, you need to find 80% of all Wumpa Fruit, die no more than 3 times, find the Hidden Gem, and find all crates. These challenges can be completed in any order. If you die more than 3 times while finding all the crates, you can return and earn the last gem later. All gems you’ve unlocked in a level stay unlocked in future replays.

99/398: You’re playing as Dingodile, and his vacuum launcher can suck-up TNT crates! Use it to destroy tons of crates. Don’t miss the crates off the main path — but they’re all easy to spot.

[Easy-To-Miss] 100/398: Using a TNT crate to blast a purple mixer, use the TNT to smash the bullseye target in the background.

Take note of the target!

108/398: Continue along the main path and destroy the enemy carrying TNT. Don’t miss another target in the background.

128/398: Fight to the first checkpoint in Dingodile’s destroyed restaurant.

Take the lower-right exit from the destroyed restaurant.

[Easy-To-Miss] 142/398: From the restaurant, go right and toward the foreground to find a hidden path with several crates.

Hidden Gem: From the hidden path, jump to the right to reach an extra-hidden platform with a gem.

164/398: Fight to the bayou and you’ll reach a wall of crates with 2 TNT crates. Keep 1 TNT before destroying all of them.

Hit the target before destroying the crates, or you might right out of TNT to use.

[Easy-To-Miss] 165/398: To the right of the large crate pile, there’s a target. You need 1 TNT crate to blast it, so don’t destroy them all before hitting this crate.

188/398: Smash all the crates all the way to the next checkpoint — this checkpoint is before the conveyor belts.

See the wall to the right? That leads to an optional path.

[Easy-To-Miss] 215/398: Continue until you reach a break in the conveyors with a TNT barrel. Use it to blast the weak wall to the right — there’s a path with many extra crates. The count might be slightly off if you break a Nitro crate here.

[Easy-To-Miss] 217/398: Don’t miss another target, straight ahead from the secret path entrance. The TNT bat and the target is included in this count.

250/398: Tons of crates all around the next checkpoints.

[Optional] 252/398: After the checkpoint, the gunner minion shot 2 of the Nitro crates. That changes my count, but it might not change your’s.

There’s a hidden “!” crate behind the waterwheel.

[Easy-To-Miss] 257/398: 5 crates to the left of a giant waterwheel and stack of Nitro. Use the TNT barrel to destroy the waterwheel and reveal the “!” metal crate. Hit it to make the 5 crates appear.

294/398: Fight through the Nitro crates using TNT barrels. Don’t miss the TNT crates carried by bats. This count stops at the next checkpoint.

310/398: Continue until you’re stopped by a purple mixing cauldron. Smash all the floating crates, the TNT crates carried by enemies, and some semi-hidden crates to the right of the TNT barrel spawner.

[Easy-To-Miss] 311/398: Don’t miss the target to the right of the purple mixer.

326/398: Destroy all the flying bats and regular crates on the way to the final checkpoint.

398/398: At the end of the stage, smash all the crates and hit the Nitro detonator to complete the challenge.