Xbox Series X/S Consoles Receive New Promotional Launch Trailers

Microsoft has released a new promotional launch trailer for their upcoming next generation hardware — Xbox Series X/S consoles.

The new trailer shows off the power of the next-generation hardware and from the new launch trailer, we can get an idea of how crazy the new consoles are going to be. The release date for the consoles are rapidly approaching and in no time we will be playing the Xbox Series X and PS5!

Check out the latest promotional trailer for Xbox Series X/S consoles down below:

In related news, Microsoft and head of Xbox Phil Spencer talked a little more about xCloud gaming and how they plan to roll it out and on what platforms it will be available for.

If you haven’t heard xCloud is the streaming service for Microsoft. Users that subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate tier are given access to the xCloud service for android devices. This means that android users will be able to log onto their Xbox Game Pass subscription and stream the video game content to their device rather than having to play it at home via a PC or Xbox One platform. Learn more about xCloud gaming right here!

Xbox Series X/ S is set to release next month on November 12th. Are you excited for the next generation of consoles? Planning on picking up an Xbox Series X? Let us know in the comments below!

source: YouTube