Black Ops 4 Zombies: Tag Der Toten – How To Unlock Yellow Snow & One-Hit Kill Zombies

Taking a quick trip down the zipline.

Pelt your enemies with smelly snowballs in Black Ops 4 Zombies with this ridiculous Tag Der Toten Easter egg weapon. All over the standard map, you’ll find tiny piles of snowballs. These don’t really do much damage to zombies, but after about three hits, you can freeze enemies. That stops them in their tracks, and lets you shatter them instantly with an attack. You’ll need to use this mechanic to earn Dynamite Bomb parts.

Now you can make the snowballs a handy weapon with the Yellow Snow upgrade. This turns every snowball thrown into a deadly weapon — it kills zombies, even Wave 30+ zombies, with a single hit. You’ll also be able to carry a stack of 10 instead of 6. That’s a few more, and seeing as snowballs are a plentiful resource around the map, this might be an upgrade you’ll want to unlock to stay alive in the high rounds.

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How To Unlock Yellow Snow & One-Hit Kill Zombies

Yellow Snow is an upgraded Snow variant that can kill zombies in a single hit — all snow piles will give you Yellow Snow in stacks of 10 instead of 3.

To get Yellow Snow, you need to throw snowballs at four puppets that appear all over the map. After hitting all four, you need to charge blue campfires with zombie souls — then you have to take a piece of rotting meat to the Hermit. That’s the basics, now let’s get into a more detailed description.

Step #1: Throw Snowballs At The 4 Puppets

Around the map, you’ll find four statue-like sock puppets in unreachable areas. You need to throw a snowball at each of these puppets. They all appear in multiple randomized locations.

  • Margwa Puppet
    • Location #1: Geological Processing – On top of the shelf of Element 115 canister, to the left as you enter.
    • Location #2: Geological Processing – On the vent shafts in the center of the chamber.
  • Eddie Puppet
    • Location #1: Lighthouse Floor 2 – Through a window.
    • Location #2: Lighthouse Floor 3 – Just outside the doors.
  • Samantha Puppet
    • Location #1: Lagoon – On the tip of the sunken boat.
    • Location #2: Lagoon – On a rock facing towards the distance, on the edge of the play area.
  • Fluffy Puppet
    • Location #1: Sun Deck – On the edge of the roof.
    • Location #2: Sun Deck – On top of a zipline.

Throw a snowball at each of these puppets, and the three campfires around the map will spark up and turn blue. You can hit the puppets in any order.

Step #2: Charge The Blue Campfire With Zombie Souls

Now that the campfires are alight, you need to find all three and kill zombies near them. The souls will fly into the blue campfires — just keep killing zombies until they won’t take anymore.

Find and kill zombies at each spawn point — the fire will go out when they’re done.

Step #3: Transport The Meat To The Hermit

Go to the Human Infusion room and look for the large tube tank with a chunk of meat inside. It will now be cracked — shoot it to shatter the tank, dropping the meat onto the ground.

To complete this step, you must pick up the meat and take it to the Hermit in the Lighthouse Floor 4 before the timer is up. You can attempt to bring the meat as often as you like — if you run out of time, you can return to the meat and try again.

The timer is incredibly short. To slow the timer down, you must enter the frozen water, which freezes the meat, making it rot slower. To reach the Hermit in time, take the zipline down to the Docks, dive into the water, then take the zipline up to the Lighthouse.

If you can deliver the meat to the Hermit’s dumbwaiter in time, you’ll earn the Yellow Snow upgrade.

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