Oculus Quest Update Enables Oculus Rift Video Games

When it comes to the Oculus line of VR headsets, there are two options to run with. There is the standard base headset that is called the Oculus Rift which plays the more demanding video game titles. Essentially, this is the VR headset to get if you’re after a platform to play video games. However, there is another headset from the Oculus line which is called the Oculus Quest which is a watered-down experience. Now the Facebook owners of Oculus has found a new means to transform the Quest into a full Rift version making both a great option to run with. 

While the Oculus Quest offers gamers a slew of video game titles and applications, the more demanding or popular video game titles require players to go through a powerful gaming PC. If you own a gaming PC that can support VR then chances are you may have opted to get the Oculus Rift. Now with that said, there is an option for players to get the same experience with the Oculus Quest thanks to the Oculus Link. 

This Oculus Link is a new USB type C cord that will connect to your Oculus Quest and your PC. From there you can run your Oculus Rift video games right on your Oculus Quest. We’re not sure if there will be any limitations right now, but this may be a perfect solution to save some money on the Oculus Rift while getting a device that will be both a great portable VR headset experience along with a gaming headset that could be left at home. 

We’re not sure how much this cord will run or when it will even be available. For now, it seems that this Oculus Link will come in the form of a future update so you may not need a special cord to get this to work, but potentially any random Type C USB cord may do the trick. Only time will tell if this proves to be a popular update that is seamless between the two headsets or if the Oculus Rift will still take the edge.

Source: IGN