Black Ops 4 Zombies: Tag Der Toten – Collect All Five Figurines & Unlock a Free Perk | Suitcase Altar Guide

Remember this three-headed guy?

There’s a secret next to every Pack-a-Punch machine in Tag Der Toten. The final map of the Aether storyline, and the final Zombies map for Black Ops 4 contains a multitude of Easter eggs and callbacks, and many of them take the form of tiny figurines hidden next to the five Pack-a-Punch locations. These figurines aren’t just cute callbacks to previous horrors, they’re also collectibles you can use to summon a free perk.

The free perk is actually less interesting than the mystery these tiny tokens solve. In the Beach area, eagle-eyed players will quickly notice a strange briefcase shrine on dry land. If you want to know what the deal is with at suitcase, this is your answer — place all five figurines inside the suitcase altar to earn your free perk reward.

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Collect All Five Figurines & Unlock a Free Perk | Suitcase Altar Guide

Before you can begin this Easter egg, you’ll need to unlock the Golden Pack-a-Punch machine. Check the instructions in the guide linked above for all the details.

Once the Golden Pack-a-Punch is activated, you can complete your hunt. But, you can start collected even before it’s been activated — there is one figurine next to each Pack-a-Punch machine. Sometimes they’re behind the machine, sometimes they’re next to the machine.

The figurines are always inside the ice block — so the figurines can only be collected after the PaP appears at one of the five locations.

  • Pack-a-Punch Locations:
    • Iceberg (Requires Golden Pack-a-Punch unlock)
    • Beach
    • Boathouse
    • Lagoon
    • Sunken Path

Collect the figurines located behind (or to the right, at the Iceberg) of the Pack-a-Punch, then place them in the open suitcase shrine in the Beach area. Once all five are placed, an Electricity Zombie survival round will begin. Defeat the wave and you’ll earn a free random perk.

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