Black Ops 4 Zombies: Alpha Omega – Summon Slenderman With This Jump-Scare Easter Egg | Secrets Guide

[UPDATED: There actually is a point to this Easter egg! It’s an extremely small point — just a random power-up — but you can get something. Check it out below.]

The DLC3 Zombies map for Black Ops 4, Alpha Omega, is packed with references to the past — including hidden Easter eggs returning from the original version of Nuketown, the map Alpha Omega is based on. One of those Easter eggs involved an angry swarm of rampaging mannequins, which we covered (with video) in a separate guide. This time around, we’ve discovered something even more insane.

Remember those Slenderman games? The tall, suit-wearing faceless monster would randomly appear behind the player, giving chase and only moving when nobody was looking. The Weeping Angels from Dr. Who and even the ghost Boos from Super Mario follow a similar conceit — they only move when you’re not looking, but they can get you all the same. Performing a hidden action will spawn an evil mannequin that plays by those rules, and it’s impossible to kill.

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Summon Slenderman With This Jump-Scare Easter Egg | Secrets Guide

To summon a Slenderman-like jump-scare Mannequin that silently chases you around, and moves when you’re not looking, you need to complete a tricky challenge — you need to knife the heads off of every mannequin on the map.

There’s a similar Easter egg, where shooting the heads off every mannequin summons a swarm of attack Mannequin enemies that are tougher than zombies. You’ll get a fifth perk for doing that Easter egg — this Easter egg? You don’t really get anything at all. Just a swift death if you don’t keep your eyes on that evil mannequin.

The mannequin-that-moves can kill you if you don’t spot it quick enough. If you look away too long, the mannequin will attack from behind and end you pretty fast. There’s also no way to kill this thing — it just keeps chasing you until you die. There’s no benefit to doing this, it’s just a super-creepy (and super-fun) hidden secret in a game that’s pretty full of them.


It turns out, there is a point to this Easter egg. You can earn a bonus random Power-up — if you haven’t already opened the shed. After the killer mannequin starts chasing you, you’ll need to locate a lady mannequin with her head screwed on. When you match the two mannequins, they’ll dissappear.

Where did they go? They’re in the locked shed, located in the Yellow House Backyard. The shed will be unlocked, and the pair of mannequins will be kissing up a storm. If you didn’t want to pay to unlock this shed, and didn’t want to use a cheat code, this is the way to do it.

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