Black Ops 4 Zombies: Alpha Omega – How To Unlock The Secret Song | Easter Egg Guide

It wouldn’t be a Black Ops 4 Zombies map without a hidden Easter egg song. The secret song returns, this time performed by Clark S. Nova — a veteran of these hidden tracks. Called ‘I Am The Well’, and written by Kevin Sherwood, the song sounds a whole lot like most of the other songs; a lot of guitar wailing and heavy lyrics. It’s a Zombies song through-and-through, and you can listen to clean audio of the track in the official link below.

This is just one of many, many Easter eggs in Alpha Omega — the remake / reimagining of Nuketown. As one of the most remade maps in the Call of Duty franchise, Nuketown is packed with hidden secrets, including a returning mannequin apocalypse. We’ll dig into all of those in due time. Check out the embedded videos here for a full walkthrough explaining all the steps.

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How To Unlock The Secret Song | Easter Egg Guide

Like all the previous secret songs in Black Ops Zombies maps, you’ll need to locate three objects and interact with them. Hold down [Interact] — even when there is no visible prompt. Activate all three hidden objects, and the secret song will start to play.

On this map, you’ll need to find and interact with severed mannequin heads. You can interact with the heads in any order.

  • Head #1: Green House Upstairs – Under the bed in the Riot Shield crafting bench room.
  • Head #2: Solitary (Bunker) – Opposite the desk (where the 115 Canister sometimes spawns), to the left of the bench with the laying mannequin.
  • Head #3: Lounge (Bunker) – Next to the edge of the pool table, opposite and down the steps from the ‘Beds’ tunnel.

Interact with all three heads, and the secret song will start to play. Freak out / impress your friends with some shredding metal guitar.

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