WW2 Zombies: Shadowed Throne – All Achievements / Trophies Guide | 100% Completion

We’re nearing the end of our in-depth ‘The Shadowed Throne’ coverage here on Gameranx, but before we go, there’s one Call of Duty: WW2 topic I need to address — all those achievements and trophies. If you’re looking to unlock every little challenge, it’s going to be tough. All of them, technically, can be completed solo, but it isn’t going to be an easy time. Infact, it’s probably going to be a nightmare.

What makes this particular set of achievements / trophies so terrible are the rampant bugs. Some achievements will only pop after completing almost double what is required, or will only unlock randomly in future sessions. One of them will only unlock for a single member of your team — whoever gets it first. We’ll go over all the reported glitches in each section, and provide a few tips if you need more kills, more time, and more melee weapons.

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 All Achievements / Trophies Guide | 100% Completion


  • Stadtjäger Down
    • In The Shadowed Throne, defeat the Stadtjäger.

The Stadtjager is the final boss that only appears when you complete the main Easter egg. The quest can be completed solo — but it is extremely difficult. For help solving the quest and reaching the last boss, check out our full Easter egg guide for ‘The Shadowed Throne’.

WW2 Zombies: Shadowed Throne – The Complete Easter Egg Guide | Stadtjäger Down

  • Das is gut
    • In The Shadowed Throne, find the Ubersprengen.

The Ubersprengen, or the ‘Pack-a-Punch’ machine, is a staple of Nazi Zombies. To unlock it in this map, you’ll have to follow a few simple steps. Use the video guide for exact instructions, or hop over to the complete guide linked below.

WW2 Zombies: Shadowed Throne – How To Pack-A-Punch | Weapon Upgrade Guide

  • Ballistics Be Damned
    • In The Shadowed Throne, reach wave 15 using only melee weapons.

A pretty simple achievement / trophy. All you need to do is avoid shooting guns for fifteen rounds — grenades and other equipment counts against you, too. Power-ups and special abilities can be used, so you can still equip / use Camouflage. Just don’t throw grenades.

I recommend grabbing the Spiked Bat from Main Street. The [L2 / LT] attack has good range and can smack multiple zombies at once. Grab the Melee Perk in the Museum (second floor) to make this easier. It can be done solo.

  • Something Wunderful
    • In The Shadowed Throne, kill 50 Gekocht with the special weapon in one match.

The “special weapon” in the Wunderbuss. Gekocht are the red sizzler zombies that spawn when you summon Straub’s airship after launching a flare. If you’ve unlocked the Pack-a-Punch machine, you’ve unlocked the Wunderbuss.

To make this achievement / trophy a little easier, grab the ranged weapon upgrade perk in the Plaza, and get the reload speed perk in the Church. The reload speed perk effects how fast you will reload bolts that syphon energy from zombies. Just keep recharging with regular zombies and blasting the Gekocht when they spawn. If you only kill the Gekocht and not regular zombies, more Gekocht will spawn — if there are living zombies on the map, one will eventually spawn. Just wait, run away from zombies, kill the red sizzlers when they appear, and eventually you’ll unlock this one.

  • Putting on a Show
    • In The Shadowed Throne, keep a Gekocht alive on the stage for 1 minute.

This one is tricky. It can feel more like two minutes than one. Get the sprint perk from Main Street, and lead a Gekocht to the Cabaret. You’ll need to stay on the stage (NOT the backstage) and sprint in circles. You can also use power-ups — charge your full red meter and use Shellshock to stun the zombie. I also recommend getting full armor and quick revive. If you’re coop, you can simply clear all zombies except the sizzler, then revive each other as you’re downed. One sizzler won’t be able to take all of you out!

  • Ammo Conservation
    • In The Shadowed Throne, obtain the Blade without firing a gunshot.

Like the previous, easier “Ballistics Be Damned” achievement / trophy, this challenge requires that you unlock Barbossa’s Blade without firing a shot. This is incredibly difficult solo, but there are some things that make it slightly easier — you can use grenades and the Wunderbuss.

It’s best to get together with friends. Let your friends fight and you can help complete the Easter egg. There are ways to complete the Easter egg extremely early — if you avoid killing Sizzlers or stopping them from spawning, you can complete the Easter egg before round 20.

To get Barbossa’s Blade, you’ll need to acquire all three special upgraded melee weapons. Check out the full Easter egg guide above for details. Remember, swap out to the enhanced melee weapons and buy the melee weapon damage perk to stay useful longer.

  • Not a Prayer
    • In The Shadowed Throne, after round 20, survive at least 2 full rounds without anyone leaving the church.

Round 20 does not count for this achievement / trophy. For whatever reason, you actually need to survive for at least 3 full rounds. Stand inside the church and use Shellshock — everyone should have upgraded damage and Pack-a-Punch. Use the Mystery Box to get a Jack-in-the-Box to make this challenge much, much easier. It’s a cinch if you’re working together with friends.

  • This Belongs in a Museum
    • In The Shadowed Throne, while inside the museum, kill 250 zombies with the Blade in a single match.

Annoyingly, this is another achievement / trophy that appears to be bugged. Barbossa’s Blade is the final special melee weapon you can acquire before entering the zeppelin. When you collect it, use the standard attack to kill zombies in the museum. The special [L2 / LT] attack does not count. You’ll probably need to kill about 350 zombies before this achievement / trophy pops.

  • Equal Opportunity Destroyer
    • In The Shadowed Throne, collect geistkraft from each zombie type in a single match

To collect geistkraft, simply shoot a bolt (alternate fire) with the Wunderbuss. This is the easiest achievement / trophy to unlock, by far. Simply peg each enemy type with at least one Wunderbuss bolt shot and collect energy from them.

The enemy types are: standard zombies, pest zombies, sizzler zombies, bomber zombies, and Wustling brute zombies. You’ll need to complete the second step of the Easter egg quest to begin seeing sizzlers.

  • Lumberjack
    • In The Shadowed Throne, kill a Wustling using each melee weapon in a single match.

The killing blow to a Wustling brute zombie must come from a melee weapon. There are eight melee weapons total, but you only need to use four. Power-ups can also be used, along with special abilities. Make sure to grab a melee damage perk before attempting this.

You’ll need to use; the Spiked Bat (or Smuggler’s Bat), the Trench Knife (or Dancer’s Dagger), the Pickaxe (or Nazi Axe), and Barbossa’s Blade. You can use either the standard melee weapons, or the upgraded melee weapons — both will work. As long as you use four, you’ll pop this achievement / trophy. Unfortunately, due to a glitch, this can only be unlocked once per map by whoever completes the challenge first. Very, very annoying.

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