LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Walkthrough | Level 12: Kree-Search and Development

Switching gears and completing the Team Spider-Man route, we’re now hopping into the later-stage Team Star-Lord mission, sending the Guardians of the Galaxy into the heart of the Kree Empire in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2. Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Gamora, Drax and the rest will fight through the Kree factory and fight the evil Ronan the Accuser — a pretty familiar face if you’ve seen the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

The crazy Kree factory is full of dangerous traps to dodge. You’ll have to use teamwork to disable some massive Sentry robots before blasting through Ronan’s throne room. Getting inside the base is simple this time around, at the very least. You’ll have to fight swarms of Kree minions. Only the guys with shield-backpacks are really annoying. Gosh, they’re really annoying though.

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Walkthrough | Level 12: Kree-Search and Development


On the hunt for Nexus fragments, this is the first mission for Team Star-Lord. Go to Hala and defeat the Kree goons protecting the level entrance. After destroying the flamethrower guy, you can build the bricks he leaves behind to create a Gravity Booster. Throw a mine and the path to the level is open.

In the dark Kree facility, swap to Rocket Racoon and blow up the silver LEGO metal object in the center-foreground area. Use the control panel behind that metal stuff and use the crane to place all the power cells – match the colors to solve the puzzle. The door to the right will open, but two giant robots will project lasers blocking the way forward.

Smash the LEGO object to the left of the lasers to create another Gravity Booster. Use it with Star-Lord to pull down the LEGO wall and reveal a new passage. In the hall, smash the LEGO object on the right and slip through the vent with Groot so he can reach the hanging pole on the other side. Hang from the pole to drop a broken LEGO vehicle. Fix it with Rocket Raccoon, then board the shield-carrier and push the green side to get by.

On the other side of the lasers, wall-jump up the narrow shaft and stand on two of the red buttons to disable the generator shields. Now you can smash the green LEGO shields to stop those annoying lasers. With the lasers disabled, smash the cracked glowing-red LEGO wall with Drax and use the Electricity Panel with Rocket Raccoon’s lightning beam.

Past the crushers, smash the LEGO object near the final door to create Groot pad. Groot will grow and rip down the doors to the next room – it’s Ronan the Accusar’s throne room. Ronan immediately sends his bite-hungry dogs and minions to fight. There’s no trick here, just blast them until both dogs are defeated! Do the same for Ronan and you’ll complete the level.